3 Reasons Your Company Doesn’t Need a Website

How do you make the internet work for your company? Oh, the rabbits we could chase with this topic. So let’s get more specific: your company’s ignored website.

When was the last time you looked at it? Better yet, when was the last time you utilized it as a lead and customer-generating tool?

Your website is a large part of strategic marketing and needs constant attention. If you aren’t going to give your site the attention it needs to be that tool, then you should have a single page that has your name and phone number smack dab in the middle of it.

The purpose of your website is to educate and entice potential clients and nurture your existing clientele. So ask yourself, is your current website fulfilling its purpose?

If the answer is no, you’re missing out on potential customers. Worse, your website might actually be driving them away. Websites that are hard to navigate, include spelling mistakes or have outdated content, repel potential leads.

Do any of these characteristics sound like you?


  1. You’re Internet Apathetic

You might realize that your website and marketing are important, but not enough to pay someone else to take care of them inside or outside of your company. You update information when you can, but you’re running a business and have better things to do.

This type of business owner doesn’t realize that websites are necessities. Websites are 24/7 marketing tools, regardless of the effort you put into them. So, by ignoring that huge part of your marketing strategy, you’re closing your company off from the billions of internet users that could be potential leads.


  1. Your Company is “Fine the Way it is”

If you don’t want to grow, then go ahead and ignore the moneymaker that your website could be. By all means, be stagnant. It takes effort to expand your reach and influence. But, not everyone wants to put forth effort.

Customers don’t want to work with companies that are merely “fine.” They want to partner with the exceptional businesses that have the desire to continually be better.

In this day and age, a part of being better is your public image. Your public image is your website.


  1. You Want to ‘Kind Of’ Do It

When business owners want to commit to only pieces of a strategic marketing plan, there is a problem. You’re in or you’re out. And again, customers want to do business with companies who are all in.

For visual learners, think of the scenario like this: you can only tap into your business’ potential by getting on top of a 20-foot building. You obviously want to get there, right? If you do, then only allowing someone to give you a 10-foot ladder would be pointless.

Embrace marketing and internet marketing wholeheartedly, or there’s no point in wasting your time. See aforementioned one-page website with your name and number listed.


A professional and informative website will only help your business. Evaluate yours today through a potential customer’s eyes. Ask yourself, would you do business with your company?