Crush Competition with Consistency


Top of mind awareness doesn’t magically happen when you throw money at billboards and large ad placements. It’s more complex than that. Top of mind awareness starts with brand consistency.

We’re not saying that a large budget doesn’t contribute to some marketing success. But even companies without money to burn can make themselves memorable. And the easiest way to start being memorable is by being consistent.


What Brand Consistency Is

Let’s break down what brand consistency is word by word.

First, what is a brand? It’s mainly two things: your company as a whole, and the promise that it makes to customers about your service or product.

Secondly, consistency is when a customer sees two or more examples of a company’s marketing and easily recognizes (without being told) that every piece belongs to the same business.

If your marketing is consistent, then customers should be able to identify your work or brand in any form or format.


Common Ways Brands are Inconsistent

Also note that big companies aren’t immune to inconsistency – it may actually be more common in older, larger companies than it is in new, small businesses.­

Companies that have been around the block a few times have had more time to redesign, recreate or entirely change their branding since their inception. That can cause small details, like a business card or the vinyl on a company car, to be pushed aside for later until they’re forgotten.

Businesses both young and old fall prey to inconsistency. The following are the most common branding missteps we see companies make across their print and digital marketing.

  • Stretched logos
  • Multiple logos
  • Inconsistent colors
  • Different fonts


Successful Companies are Consistent

Consistency breeds recognition. Recognition eventually turns into top of mind awareness. Top of mind awareness translates into increased sales and fiscal success.

Inconsistency can lead to your company conveying multiple, different messages or lead to no message being conveyed at all.

Customers shouldn’t have to work to understand what who your company is or what it does. And guess what? They won’t. Those potential leads will walk away without a second thought.

Brands that get it right care – they know that a brand is a huge asset that should be nurtured and managed.

Consistency = Recognition = Increased Sales

Inconsistency = Confusion = Stagnant Sales


Consider how your brand comes across to your customers and to people who don’t work with you yet. Do they understand your company and its message?