What’s in Your Marketing Toolbox?


If you want a stable house, contractors use more than a hammer and some nails to build it. When you go to the salon, your stylist uses scissors, shampoo and more to do your hair. When you hire a staff, you likely need more than one skill set.

So when clients ask us questions like, “What do you think about Facebook as a marketing tool? Is it effective?” there’s more to our answer than a simple yes or no.

Like the aforementioned examples, you probably need more than one tool in order to fix something that’s not working. Each one fixes a specific problem.


Are You Using the Right Marketing Tools?

It helps to think of marketing tactics as tools. To do a job well, you need a multiple tools and to know how to use them. Let’s open up that marketing toolbox.

For example, social media tools are largely used to create transparency. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a company that engages with its audience and meets them where they are. Facebook and Twitter are great platforms where your business can be extremely interactive with its followers.

Does your company want to increase its name and local recognition? To remedy that need, use vinyl wraps on company cars for outdoor messaging.

Are your sales people constantly asked the same questions? Create a blog series answering FAQs. That way, your staff spends less time answering the easy questions and more time making sales.


How Are You Using Your Tools?

And if you are using multiple tools, are you using the right one for the job? We regularly see businesses use blogging when video would have worked better, or vise-versa. Or we get emails whose messages would have been perfect if they’d been sent in a mailer instead.

Don’t try to use a hammer to tighten a loose screw.

How confident are you that you’re using the proper tools for the job? If you answer that question with any percentage less than 100, then you’re using your marketing budget inefficiently.


Don’t waste any more money on uncertain marketing tactics.