How to Separate Your Company from Its Competition


“You see, if everyone is special, then no one is.”David McCullough

Normally, starting off any piece of writing with a quote is a major no-no. But in this case, I simply couldn’t have said it better myself.

I will restate what Mr. McCullough said, though: If your business offers the same thing as every other business in your industry, it doesn’t stand out to potential customers, let alone breed customer loyalty.

“But my business is the best!” “We actually do quality work!” “People need my company’s services!”

Yeah, about that …

The Bad News

Here’s the bad news to counter those all-too-common objections: You claiming that your business is the best doesn’t convince anyone that it really is.

Everyone can claim to do quality work.

And what happens to your business when the people who need your company’s services move away, or another company offers the same services?


Do Your Research

Knowing what separates your company from its competition requires that you know your company inside and out, from the top to the bottom.

C-level executives need to know exactly how their sales and customer support staff handle problems. Is it a policy that states employees can only talk to one client at a time, which ensures that they see problems through to resolution that sets you apart?

Sales and customer support staff need to understand how managers deal with current clientele. Maybe it is company policy that account managers give out their personal cell phone numbers that really sways clients to stay with your company.

Knowing what separates you requires that you know your competition inside and out, from their marketing to customer reviews. When customers switch from working with your competition to working with you, ask them why.

Knowing what you’re up against is half the battle.


More Examples of Distinction

Separate your company from its competition by marketing its real defining characteristic.

Does your power company perform regular drug testing on its employees? Or does your product come with a lifetime guarantee?

Those kinds of promises can’t be faked by competitors in the way that assurances of quality and being the best can be copied.

So, figure out why customers really work with you. Then, market the hell out of that reason and watch the leads roll in.