How the Journey to Fitness is like Growing Your Business


Being a leader who has goals isn’t a bad characteristic, especially if you’re running a business.

Imagine not having a vision for the future of your company, or your personal life. That image is chaotic, isn’t it?

Goals like becoming a faster runner, losing two pounds a week or increasing company sales are all attainable. But without actively tracking your results throughout the processes, the likelihood of goal achievement is low.

So yeah, measuring every possible aspect of sales and marketing is good for your business.


Measure Up

Most companies have some sort of review process in place. Fewer companies have processes put into place to track results and ROI year-round.

Analysis is one of the key differences that separate your business and Joe Schmo advertising his sub-par services on the street. Analysis tells you what works, and what doesn’t.

Joe is out there making the same, big mistakes. Don’t be Joe.

So, if measurement and analysis are what make you successful just by performing them a few times annually, what do you think will happen if you execute them constantly?

And on more key statistics than you’re currently tracking?


Growing Your Business

Analysis of your company’s performance shouldn’t be a one-time measurement. You should put a constant tracking process or software in place for everything you can possibly measure.

Here’s why: The things that can be measured are the things that you can control. And ultimately, control equals growth.

So, when you measure your sales statistics, then your sales will likely increase.

When you measure and reduce your daily caloric intake, then you will probably lose weight.

By regularly tracking and attempting to beat your 5K PR, you’ll get faster.

That journey to fitness is just like growing your business. How healthy are you keeping your company?

How many leads are you getting each month from your website? What percentage of website visitors are getting there from your Facebook account? What’s the average amount of time it takes your sales team to get an in-person meeting or consultation with a potential customer?

It’s simple. Things change when you measure them.

No one “accidentally” grows their business. Successful companies measure their past results and track their current progress in order to forecast the future.

What are you not measuring?