10 Dos and Don’ts for Your Company Facebook Account


Personal-use Facebook isn’t a difficult medium to master. Company Facebook pages are an entirely different story.

But, it’s easy to keep Facebook and other social media at the bottom of your business’ to-do list. Don’t let that happen. Realistically, social media management should fall somewhere in the middle of your marketing to-do list.

If you do keep it at the bottom and your account is mismanaged, the results can be disastrous.

To stop mismanagement from happening, or curb the potential fallout from mismanagement, here are a few dos and don’ts about setting up and managing your company’s Facebook account.


Account Setup

Do: Set up a company Facebook account.

Don’t: Allow Facebook to automate an account for you.

Why: Facebook users can check in, like or review unofficial pages. If you don’t assign an employee or team to manage your company’s presence and preserve its brand image on social media, then you might be letting unsubstantiated, negative claims run rampant on the internet.

Do: Have one person in charge of making and managing your company’s Facebook account.

Don’t: Give the credentials out to everyone on your payroll.

Why: Not knowing who has your account’s username and password can lead to unpleasant situations. If an employee logs in to the company page instead of their personal account by accident and posts or likes something offensive, you’re in trouble. If an employee who has the company’s credentials is let go and maliciously posts something offensive, there’s more trouble.


Do: Ensure the account is set up with an email account that’s linked to your company server, independent of any one employee’s personal account or email address. Ensure you’ll always have access to the account.

Don’t: Allow an employee to add the page as an account is connected to their personal account, which would (initially) give them exclusive access to the company page.

Why: The employee could refuse to grant anyone else access to the page. Even if there are more than one Admin user, additional Admins cannot remove the creator Admin. If the creator Admin ever becomes upset with your business for some reason later on, they could delete the page – forcing you to start from scratch.

Account Maintenance

Do: Analyze your page performance weekly.

Don’t: Post at only one time of day, or interact with your followers in only one way. Test to see what works, and then keep your followers entertained at the times that they’re online.

Why: If you schedule all your posts to go out at 10 a.m. every Thursday and Sunday, but your target audience gets on Facebook in the evenings during the week, then you’re not efficiently managing your account.


Do: Integrate Facebook posting and activity into your marketing goals and plans.

Don’t: Randomly post when something company-related comes up and cross your fingers for good results.

Why: If you or your employees are putting hours toward something, you should be aiming for some sort of ROI. Social media management is no different. For example, set a goal to reach a certain number of users weekly, then track how much your website traffic increased during that time period.


The time for only dipping a toe into Facebook has come and gone. If it hasn’t already, your company needs to jump into the world of social media and social marketing. And in today’s marketplace, making a splash is encouraged.