5 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on the Phone


There are way too many money and time lyrics, quotes and colloquialisms to count or site here, as much as I would love to try.

But all those words convey the same message: time is the most valuable currency we have. So why are you spending so much time on the phone?

Quality time, rather than quantity of time, should be your focus.

If you’re unsure the time you’re spending with plastic smashed against your ear is reasonable or not, take a look at the scenarios below.

Too much time

If You Hear These Questions, Then There’s a Problem

  1. “So what exactly does your company do?”

Seriously? If someone took your contact information off of your website and couldn’t figure out the No. 1 basic fact about your company, then you need to re-evaluate that website.


  1. “At your specialty store, do you carry [Popular Brand Name] and [Other Popular Brand Name] products?”

Let’s use a high-end photography shop as an example for a moment. If the owner is getting multiple calls a week from customers asking if she sells Nikon or Cannon camera lenses, then her marketing and/or her website need work.

Consider this: The majority of calls made to businesses are the result of a Google search. So if your Google Places business page is set up properly, then the caller was just one click away from photos, brand names. All of that information would be right next to the phone number. But if you’re getting this call, then your web presence isn’t properly set up.


  1. “Where are you located?”

Even companies who don’t have websites have search engine-automated contact information. Come on.


  1. “How large is your team?”

Potential customers and clients like transparency. Knowing who and how many people will be working on their behalf is comforting to them. Include your approximate company size or your team’s headshots on your website, and this question will disappear.


  1. “Can you help me with [Topic]? Are you qualified to help me?”

If your expertise and authority in your industry isn’t evident by the time someone picks up the phone and calls you, then your website hasn’t done its job.


The Root of the Problem

If people are asking irrelevant questions like the ones listed above, ask yourself what information you can publicly provide to answer them. Providing the right information online will drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on dead-end calls.

Your time is valuable, so don’t let it be wasted on phone calls that are going nowhere.

Instead, spend it making valuable sales or educating your clientele with answers to questions that will actually make a difference to their business or within their lives.

In recent years, people have begun disliking talking on the phone more and more. So when someone takes the time to pick up the phone and ask you a simple question, it means that your web presence needs help.

You spend too much time on the phone because clearly something, or a few things, isn’t working.