So You’re Stuck in a Business Rut


Your customers are asking the same basic questions day after day.

Your employees are voicing the same complaints meeting after meeting.

Your sales figures stay close to the baseline, never going too far in either direction.

You know exactly what to expect when you go into work. Every. Single. Day.

You’re stuck in a business rut.

Playing It Safe is a Problem

Knowing exactly what’s coming next isn’t always a good thing. It makes your business too predictable.

Businesses that are too predictable don’t take risks. They’re afraid to try new things.

That type of business owners and CEOs ignore the rapidly changing world of commerce that’s going on around and past them.

Rut-ridden businesses don’t grow.


Climb Out of Your Business Rut

Stop saying “No” to new opportunities and costing your business money. Instead, take a look at the tasks you spend the most time on every day.

Then, create solutions to eliminate unproductive, rut-inducing tasks.

Are your customers asking the same 5 questions? Take the next month to focus on how you can answer those questions before they pick up the phone.

Furthermore, embrace the changing landscape that is today’s marketplace by focusing on what your customers need.

Your customers need regular validation – positive reasons that continuing to work with you is in their best interest.

So give them that validation! Regularly give your customers and clients new reasons to be delighted they do business with you.

Before you look to solve any external troubles, ensure your colleagues and employees are productive and happy. The latter heavily impacts the former.

Fix employee complaints by listening! Then, take steps to make your workplace culture one that even Google employees will envy.


Become a Yes (Business)Man

And oh, about that bottom line – do you have a plan for growth, or are you hoping it will magically happen?

Just showing up every day isn’t enough. Do something different!

Outline a one-year plan for your company. Then, create three and five-year plans.

Embrace the need for growth avenues like social media, advertising and marketing and know how to use them.

Finally, watch your business thrive.