Who Should Steer Your Marketing

Summer break is upon us, and for you, leaving the business for a week may be out of the question.

So, let’s take a little vacation together over the next few minutes…from a marketing standpoint.

You may be a little hesitant to allow a firm to lead your marketing plans. But, what does it look like if you have the right team driving your marketing from start to each destination?


Here’s why marketing firms should steer your marketing:


Everyone loves to dream of travel. Taking a poll of our creative team here at Innovations Branding House, some want to go to Australia, Alaska, Austria, or anywhere where there’s a beach.

It’s the same with business goals, everyone looking toward a different destination. In your business, it’s good to dream of where you want to go. Remember, it’s ok if you’d rather take your company in a different direction than your competitor or others in the industry.

Dreaming about the future is the first step towards forming concrete goals.

Let your marketing firm in on those goals because that’s their first step in understanding what you really need.  

So dream big and then work with your marketing firm to hone realistic goals for your organization.


Making the Itinerary

Once you’ve set your goals, this is when you decide what your trip will look like. Will you drive, fly, take a train? You plan out your overnight stops and any detours you want to make along the way.

You’ve calculated the mileage, set your budget and are making your goals a reality!

This is where a marketing firm takes the lead. They’ve listened to your goals and now they’re creating the best itinerary for how to get you to your destination.

They’ll start talking about strategy and the individual tactics that will best reach your audience.


Trusting the GPS

Your itinerary is set, you’ve put your destination into the GPS and now it’s time to hit the road!

As you drive, the GPS may change direction. Sometimes it’s a malfunctioning GPS. But, in most cases it’s discovered construction, a road closure or some obstacle up ahead and is rerouting you.

The original directions aren’t wrong, they just aren’t the best choice as new information comes in.

In relationship to marketing, your plan is just a guideline. As life happens, these plans may have to shift.  

Throughout the entire process, your marketing team should be evaluating each step to ensure it’s still the best direction to steer your business.


You’re There! 


*Whew!* You’ve finally made it! You’re now drinking in the ocean breeze or the breathtaking mountaintop view. But, does the fun stop there? Are you ready to get into your car and drive back where you started?

I didn’t think so.

Same with marketing. Once you’ve reached some of your goals, and your plan has succeeded, you don’t stop. This is where the real fun begins.

You begin to build on the foundation you planned and created.

You don’t pull back the momentum, but kick it up a notch.  

You now focus on keeping current customers happy while starting the search for new leads.

The marketing cycle continues.  


Marketing isn’t a one time destination, it’s more like a world traveler’s journey. Each stop is a milestone. Then the dreaming of what’s next can begin.


Ready to talk about how innovations can help steer your marketing in the right direction?