The Difference Between A Marketing Team vs. A Marketer

Often times, when asking a business owner about how they market themselves, they respond, “We have a marketer.”

While the role of the marketer is a crucial one, it is unfair to expect them to behave like a superhero and assume all of the roles a successful marketing campaign often requires.

While a marketer might suggest a print piece, a commercial spot, or even a new web design, they won’t be the ones doing the actual work.  And that is the way it should be.

Instead, they coordinate with a web designer, print company, or video production team to create their vision.

How is that different from contracting those jobs individually?

Sure, you could divvy out these jobs accordingly, but what does that result look like? Most likely, you will end up with three individual materials completely independent of each other.

The role of a marketing team is to make sure all of these things are working together in unison. Collectively, each member will bring his or her skill set to the creative table. Together, they will craft an overall strategy from the information provided by the marketer.

Individually, they will work on their aspects of the campaign, but with the bigger picture in mind.  The videographer will have the website in mind when creating the storyboards. The web designer will have the print pieces in mind when laying out the design.  And so on.

Ok, so why do I need a marketing team, then?

A campaign is not just a collection of individual pieces thrown together.

When you work with a marketing firm, they should make a calculated effort to combine all of these individual creative elements into one very strong, cohesive message. Your website, videos and print pieces should be strong independently, but even stronger as whole.

Make sure you are managing your expectations.

It is important to manage your expectations for your marketer. While they will play an important role in deciding strategy and methodology, it is unfair to also expect them to be able to execute each tactic on their own (i.e. video, print materials, design).

When your marketer and your marketing team are working together, the sky’s the limit. Having a collective of creative minds can be the difference between a mediocre campaign and one that generates results.