How to Develop A Marketing Strategy

You perform marketing tactics, such as buying a newspaper ad or tv commercial. But, how are these tactics working? Are they successful?

You may feel like you are doing marketing “just because,” without any real direction or focus.

Businesses every day address strategic planning and tactile everyday operations. Planning and purpose are ingrained into every other part of the business…but many make the mistake of not approaching their marketing in the same way.

A strategic plan can give your guesswork-style marketing a framework.  Here are the basic principles on how to develop a marketing strategy.


Develop an ideal list of people you want to hit with your message.


Break this list up into fictional characters that represent your target. You may want to reach millennials who love to exercise. So we’ll call them, Exercise Eric.

This allows you to focus in and learn all you can about that specific target. Then, every marketing message you create is directed straight to Exercise Eric.


Craft Your Message

Your message should include things that separate you from your competitors. Remember it should talk straight to your target markets.  You want your message to be creative and focused on reaching your ideal customers.


Determine how you will measure the success of your marketing tactics.

Marketing isn’t always easily measurable. But, as technology improves, real time data is becoming more readily available. As you build your plan, ask yourself, “How will this marketing activity be tracked?”

When you work with the right tools, tracking your tactics is possible. You can track how many leads the tactic creates, and then dig deeper to determine how many of those leads became paying customers.


There are many more steps in developing an effective marketing strategy. But, this will give you a jumpstart in building a strategy to help you keep the big picture in mind and increase your odds of hitting your growth goals.