Signs Your Marketing Firm Isn’t Working

You’ve been working with a marketing firm for six months and though they’ve produced some creative items, you aren’t sure if it’s really working.

There are a lot of factors to consider if you feel your marketing efforts aren’t successful. One, is to examine the relationship you have with your marketing firm.

Here are signs your marketing firm isn’t working for your business’s best interest.


They don’t understand your business/brand


Have you ever been in a meeting and felt like they were giving you the cookie cutter answer they give every business?

Realize, if your best interests aren’t addressed at the beginning, don’t think that will ever change.

Top priority for your marketing firm should be understanding your business and developing a plan to reach your ideal customers.


Ideas aren’t based on Data


A great marketing firm isn’t just made up of creative ideas. It’s a mix between creativity and research.

Each decision surrounding your marketing plan should be based on data: social media statistics, testimonials, complaints, website traffic etc.

There are so many factors to look at and examine to culminate the full picture of your business. Your marketing firm should be looking at all of these facets, and more. This way, they’re able to build a creative plan that makes sense for your audience.


Lack of Communication


Examine the feedback you’re getting.  Communication should be a key component in your relationship.

They should communicate realistic timelines for your marketing plan.  Knowing approximately when content will be ready helps you plan the way sales can work with the current marketing campaign.

They are the marketing experts and should be leading the charge, but you should still be involved in the process.

Stay in the loop. Your knowledge of the industry’s trends and changes are invaluable to the marketing direction.


YESThey say “Yes!” to everything

When your marketing team says yes to every idea, they aren’t looking out for your best interests.  They are worried more about pleasing you, than enhancing your success.

Some can find this concept rude or backwards from how most businesses operate.

But, let me ask you a question.

Would you listen to your contractor if, while remodeling, he says taking out a wall isn’t a good idea? Or will you ignore that it’s a supporting wall for the home and tell him to take it out anyway?

It’s the same with your marketing firm. They may say, “no” to an idea, but they should also present to you why it’s not right for your target audience. It may be a great idea…but just for a different audience, in a different market.


Is your current marketing firm working for your business’s best interest? Are they branching out and trying new things because of something they discovered in the research process?

Working with the wrong marketing firm can be detrimental to your goals.  But, working with the one that fits your business can be a great experience..