A Better Approach To Your Marketing Strategy


Within a typical morning, you’re probably exposed to around 300 marketing messages. That’s just in the morning!

But, which of those do you actually remember?

They were most likely creatively crafted. They may have been funny, clever or hit an emotional nerve.  But, most likely the ones you remember, are the ones that were relevant to a problem you are trying to solve.


Your brain filters out unneeded messages all day, due to the vast number you are exposed to.

In the past, marketing was about flooding the area with messages concerning your brand. But, this floodlight marketing strategy isn’t as effective in the mobile age.

With this approach, you may get some leads, but think about all the messages that fell on deaf ears.

A better approach to your marketing strategy is laser marketing. Stop flooding the area with your message and define who really needs your service.


  1. MarketingList all the people who would benefit most from receiving your service.  This can be referred to as audience segmentation.You may be targeting mothers, but what else do you know about these mothers? Would stay at home moms or working moms value your service more? What’s their income like?Ask yourself questions about your target audience until you’ve segmented your audience into a clear and defined group to direct your message. That way, instead of marketing like a floodlight, you are marketing like a laser, shining your message directly at who needs it.
  2. Create content directed at your clearly defined audience. Remember, it’s not just about your message but the channels you use to distribute it. When you build your segmented list, also look at where they are receiving their information.
  3. Track your progress. Set up a scoresheet to see how your marketing efforts are turning into dollars.

The main benefit of laser marketing over traditional floodlight marketing is its cost effectiveness.

Instead of flooding cash into an unclear marketing strategy, this laser marketing approach will allow you to produce stronger results for a lot less money.