Innovations Insights: What is Your Competitive Edge?

What is your competitive edge?

Do you ever find yourself in conversations with potential new clients or customers and find yourself having to play some kind of defense regarding competition?

Or the client asks things like, “What makes you better than ABC-type company?”

During the early stages of strategic marketing planning, we regularly have to help our clients figure out what separates them from their competition.

What’s Your Competitive Edge?

So, here’s a pop quiz. What separates you from your competition? I’ll give you a few seconds.

Here’s a clue: It can’t be quality or service. Everyone is saying that.

It has to be something that truly separates you from your competition.

So that’s kind of a tough one. Besides quality and service, what other things are your competition saying?

So one example might be a plumbing company that says “We show up on time! We do the work correctly!”

When what really separates them is the fact that they perform background checks, regular drug testing on all their employees – all the people that will be coming into your home.

Another example is an IT company. A lot of IT companies say that they fix things quickly and that their staff is friendly.

However, when that company takes the time to dig down and find that thing that truly separates them, they discover that they’re the only company who gives their cell phone numbers out to their clients.

It’s not always easy to figure that out, so good luck!