The Courage to Create Is a Beacon of Hope


In a time when hate sometimes seems more evident than kindness, it’s important to cherish the moments light is greater than darkness in your community.

For Paducah, KY, last month that light was shown through unity in a common goal: to build a

To create this jungle gym for growth, something had to happen.


Someone had to have the courage to create; to look at a blank lot and imagine what it could be. Imagine how it could benefit a neighborhood and unify a community.

The Rotary Club of Paducah alongside the City of Paducah came together and had the courage to imagine the possibilities and take action to create.

To create something, to inspire, to simply play… that takes courage. Why? Because it makes you vulnerable. You’re setting yourself up for possible failure or great triumph.

And great triumph was what this city saw when it came together.

In one week, more than 1,700 volunteers from Paducah and the surrounding area united on this one lot to create, so local kids could have a safe place to simply have fun.

“We only had days with all of the volunteers, with all of the materials here…We had to make it happen in that window of time and we did,” John Williams, Jr., former president of the Paducah Rotary Club, said.

This newly built playground provides kids from three different neighborhoods a place to play. But, unbeknownst to them, they’re developing skills. They’re learning how to appreciate the outdoors, they’re being challenged by their peers to use their imagination, and they’re learning how to interact with one another.

“The lesson here is that we can do this. We can come together for big, positive, forward looking things,” Williams said.

It could have stayed an empty lot. It could be filled with overgrown weeds right in the heart of the city. But, instead, those with Paducah pride stepped forward, came together as one for a common goal: building a beautiful park for the next generation.

Let this one instance of courage propel us forward to continue showing kindness, and being the instigators of innovation and change.

This event was more than building a playground. It was about building up a community, becoming an inspiration to all those with big ideas for making our city remarkable.

What will it take for Paducah, KY to be remarkable? What will it take for your business to be

To participate in the continuous process of innovation and growth. Never allowing ourselves to feel too old to have a little fun playing. Let’s be willing to play which is simply a free mind in motion, propelling us forward to create something worth remarking about.

Let our courage to create be the beacon of hope we all need to see.

**Innovations Branding House was proud to partner with the Rotary Club of Paducah on this community project.  At Innovations we love to play; feeding our creativity and encouraging each other’s innovative thinking. Partnering with Rotary on this project was just a way for us to help our community do the same. This is the culture we’ve cultivated because we know that’s the process for growth, both personally and in business.

Beat Competitors with Marketing Consistency

Beat your competitors with marketing consistency. Take a few minutes to evaluate your marketing. Gather all of your marketing pieces you’ve done recently, take a step back and analyze them as a whole.

 1. Analyze your logo.

Do you have different versions used across platforms? Is the logo on your business card a different color than the logo on your email signature? Make sure your logo, if nothing else, always stays consistent across print, online and television.

 2. Analyze your marketing messages.

What message best represents your brand image? That’s your brand promise which should be reflected in every marketing tactic.

 3. Analyze your design theme.

When you look at all of your advertisements, commercials, your website etc, do you see a common design theme? Your vehicle vinyl wrap and your website should have similar colors and design elements. Your commercial and your print advertisements should complement each other, so your brand is immediately recognizable.

Not keeping your brand image consistent can actually hurt the perception your customers have of your business, which could mean a loss in sales for you.


How do you make your brand stand out? Apply these two key points that successful brands take action on every day. 


1. Successful brands care.

This goes beyond caring for the community and their employees. What this means is the brand cares about, well, their brand.  These organizations are constantly asking the question, “Does this decision support our brand?” This can be anything from campaign designs to the next event they decide to sponsor.

2. Successful brands understand their brand is an assett that needs to be managed.

They realize their brand is more than just their logo. These organizations realize their logo is a symbol of their company as a whole. They constantly evaluate how their logo and name is being used online, in print materials and by others in their organization. They strive to keep not only a consistent ‘look’, but also ensure they are representing their brand in the products and services they deliver.


Remember your organization is represented visually through your brand image. So keep it consistent to reflect that your company is stable, capable and a trustworthy brand to do business with.

Take a look at how we helped these brands become more consistent in their message and design.

Brand consistency should across all aspects of your marketing: print, online, television, etc.