Pokémon Go and the Hidden Potential for Your Business


You may have witnessed in the last month, the phenomenon one mobile application sparked around the world: Pokémon Go.

Love Pokémon and own a business? Keep reading!

Don’t care about Pokémon and own a business? Keep reading!

This game is exciting for some generations to play, but it’s also exciting because it’s introducing the potential of augmented reality technology.

It’s the first time that we’ve been able to actually integrate augmented reality into our everyday surroundings. Plus, this application actually got people out of their home to socialize! Facebook and other applications have tried to encourage their fans to do this with some success, but nothing to the extent of Pokémon Go.


What real life implications does this new technology have on us? 

  • Think of the training possibilities for virtually any job, especially dangerous jobs such as firefighting.
  • Think of how this could be used in the future for marketing tactics. What could this look like for businesses?

There’s a lot of potential in the things we don’t understand.

As business owners and marketers, what things exist that we might be turning a blind eye to? When new ideas surface, do you immediately shoot them down without exploring them fully?

Your employees and your marketing team may have what seem like crazy ideas, but before you dismiss them, look past the surface and understand why they would or wouldn’t work. Look at research, past endeavors and judge the idea based on your understanding and not the fear of something new.


  • Download the Pokémon Go App.  You may have no idea what Pokémon even is, but that’s ok. Download the app and simply experience what this new technology can achieve.
  • Write down a list of things you don’t understand right now about marketing or business tools. Send this to Todd Duff, CEO of Innovations Branding House and he’ll get back with you!  Email him at todd@innovationsbrandinghouse.com

Marketing tactics can change as technology changes. This doesn’t mean every new piece of technology fits with your marketing plan, but you should never ignore it. Always strive to understand what you don’t know, because as we have seen here, that’s usually when the best ideas come to fruition.