Two ROI Definitions in Marketing


In business ROI usually means Return on Investment.  As a business owner, each decision and investment you make for your future, you hope will bring a high return.

In B2B marketing and B2C marketing we look at ROI in a couple of different ways.  

1. Return on Investment:

This is also used in the context of advertising and marketing tactics.  As online and social media tactics change, our methods for measuring ROI also have to change.

This includes looking at clicks to a website, email opens, Facebook engagement statistics, etc.

We are constantly looking at the numbers to help guide us into what we do next for our clients.  This helps us define our target more clearly and the types of tactics we use to reach them.


2. Return on Impression: 

Our Branded Products Specialist defines ROI a little differently. ROI is also Return on Impression, which means how many people will see your logo on your branded product.

Robyn talks with the client and uses research to determine which products will maximize impressions for a brand.

Items such as tote bags or tumblers will be used often, which also means they’ll be seen often.  And, though it’s affordable and simple, a pen still has a high ROI for brands.


ROI, in either sense, is a metric term to help explain the impact marketing tactics have on a brand’s image, exposure and lead generation.

Marketing strategies should always strive for a high return for the brand, whether that be monetarily or through exposure.

Want to learn more about our new Branded Products Specialist? Robyn would love to help you find the right branded products for your next marketing campaign or event!