Books to Inspire Growth


If you missed our first Lunchtime Chat, you can still watch it here! 

Every successful business person I’ve met, is always reading something.  But, with our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to read.

That’s why I choose to listen to lots of books while I’m working out or driving. If I find it really helpful, I buy the hard copy and go back through to highlight and make notes.

In the video above we discussed two books that have inspired my own personal and business life!


How do I determine if the book is worthy to tell others about?

1. It has to be written by someone who knows, because there are plenty of leadership books by people who have never led anything.  And there are plenty of people who write business books that have never led a business.  (Just like I love photography…but should never write a photography book.)

2.  Did I highlight and have pages of notes written at the end? Then I found it inspiring. 

3. Did I use those notes to change and shape my business? Then I found it practical and impactful. What does that mean? For me it means it got integrated into my goals, systems and had a positive outcome.


With that criteria in mind, I chose these first two books to discuss:

The Dip — Seth Godin

When you start anything, business, hobby, sport, etc., Seth explains that there is a natural curve of events that will take place. At the beginning you’ll have fun with it, you’ll be slightly successful in your efforts, but then there is always “the dip.”

This is where it gets challenging and it can be difficult to keep going and see success truly take place.  Seth’s book is short and encouraging, helping you figure out when it’s smart to push through those challenges, or if it really is time to quit.


Tools of Titans — Tim Ferriss

This book you can open up on any page and learn something new.  Tim posed tough questions to a list of successful people and their answers he collected in this book.  These “titans” answer questions such as:

-How do you start your day?

-What quotes do you live your life by?

-What are the most gifted or recommended books?

They’re questions to help you see what inspired them in their success and what they do daily to help them continue on that path.  As well as Tim’s books, I regularly listen to his podcasts. 


So, I encourage you to start reading! It will help you grow not only as a person, but as a business leader.

Not every book will be helpful, not every successful person’s story will be applicable to your life. But, still READ, looking for the tangible takeaways you can apply to your own life. Reading can help you transform your goals, increasing your momentum to dream, try something new, and take a few calculated risks.



Quotes that have inspired me: 

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.”

― Paulo Coelho


“Productivity is for robots. What humans are going to be really good at is asking questions, being creative, and experiences.”  

  ― Tim Ferriss


 “What problem do you face every day that nobody has solved yet?” or “What is a great company no one has started?” I will”

  ― Tim Ferriss


“Happiness is wanting what you have.”

 Phyllis Reynolds Naylor