Marketing Isn’t a Dirty Word, It’s a Service

Marketing is a service

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“The customer is more empowered now.”

In the age of information, this is a commonly heard phrase because information is literally always at your fingertips. But, what’s interesting, is that phrase is sometimes an excuse for businesses not to engage in marketing.

Who Will Empower Your Customer

If you’re a business owner though, wouldn’t you want to be the one empowering your customer? Don’t you want to be the one inspiring them to make the right choice to grow in their personal life or business?

If you don’t, then your competitor will.

It’s time for businesses to stop viewing advertising, marketing and public relations tactics as something dishonest or dirty. If done correctly, it’s actually the exact opposite. It’s time to start looking at marketing as a service, not to your business, but to your customer. Continue reading “Marketing Isn’t a Dirty Word, It’s a Service”