Marketing Isn’t a Dirty Word, It’s a Service

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“The customer is more empowered now.”

In the age of information, this is a commonly heard phrase because information is literally always at your fingertips. But, what’s interesting, is that phrase is sometimes an excuse for businesses not to engage in marketing.

Who Will Empower Your Customer

If you’re a business owner though, wouldn’t you want to be the one empowering your customer? Don’t you want to be the one inspiring them to make the right choice to grow in their personal life or business?

If you don’t, then your competitor will.

It’s time for businesses to stop viewing advertising, marketing and public relations tactics as something dishonest or dirty. If done correctly, it’s actually the exact opposite. It’s time to start looking at marketing as a service, not to your business, but to your customer.

So here’s a question for you. Do you believe in your product or service?

If so, then why wouldn’t you want to tell others about it? The purpose of marketing is not to increase your revenue. That’s a positive side effect to marketing, but it’s not the driving force. 

What is the driving force of marketing? It is the belief that what you are selling, is beneficial to your customer.

When you start altering your mindset, then marketing becomes a way to serve your customers, both present and potential. It becomes the plan for empowering your customer to make smart decisions in their everyday life. It becomes a way for you to engage in a conversation and learn how to serve them even better.

So, how do you help empower your customer? Too many businesses believe the lie that marketing is just for B2C organizations. But, these same three provoking thoughts below can be applied to B2B as well. So take a look:

  1. Believe in what you’re selling. If you don’t, is it really worth selling?
  2. Become an expert in your product or industry and then share your knowledge.
  3. Ask your customers this question: What do they need from you? This isn’t a pleasantry, it’s a legitimate question about how you can better meet their needs. Not only will you make them feel valued in asking, but you may find a way to help make their job or life a little easier. That kind of valuable information could launch your business in a fresh direction.

Why think on these things? You’re searching for ways to evolve your business and focus your marketing efforts to empower your customer to make educated decisions. Provide them the information they need and give them a voice.

By empowering them, you’re actually building them up to empower others with their own story. Think about your personal social media accounts. Why do you share articles or videos you like? Sharing doesn’t give you anything. So why share? It’s because you found something valuable, and believe others will too.

Why do people take the time to write reviews? It’s because people enjoy sharing their own story, to either warn or encourage others about a decision on a particular product, service or location.

Marketing isn’t about stagnant tactics that bring little to no results. It’s finding the right, unique opportunities to empower your customer to choose you, because you and your organization have something of value to offer.

Use marketing to its full potential to educate and provide customers the solution they’ve been looking for. Empower them to choose your company, your product, your service, and then give them a reason to never regret it.

Check out part 2! You’ll learn how telling your story is vital to connecting with your customer. 

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