Honing Your Message, Role of Content Strategists

Do you have a full understanding of who your audience is? That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to determine who your ideal customer is and how to talk to them. If you’ve missed our first two installments of this series check them out here:

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Hear from the content strategists of Innovations Branding House to learn how to take the knowledge you’ve learned to hone your message to be sent to the right audience, at the right time.

Kaylan Thompson, Content Strategist:

So far you’ve been defining who your audience is, and now you have to speak to that. Content strategy really boils down to thinking about your message in conjunction with your audience and what they need from you.  Plus, how they need to hear from you.  Then you’re able to determine what best path to take to get that message directly to them, at the correct time, to answer a correct need.


Catie Harris, Content Strategist: 

This is when you get to really target your message. But you don’t have to throw creativity out the window just because you did research. That’s when you actually have more freedom because you have a framework that you’re working with. You know who you’re talking to and now you know the kind of message that they’re really looking for.

Remember, advertisements don’t necessarily have to have very many words. We’ve worked on a few here actually where we’re working on a video with little wording but it still speaks a strong message, with other content pieces supporting it.  So you may have a video that doesn’t have any words, but then you’ll have a blog or some Facebook posts that all work together to speak the same message.


Blake Johnson, Content Strategist:

One of the biggest mistakes I think some businesses make is not understanding what content belongs on what platform. Therefore they’re missing their mark and probably disengaging their audience on Facebook. Facebook is a primarily social platform. You probably don’t want to just talk about business all the time because for the most part, people are on there to be social. So, you want to vary that content accordingly.

A content strategist is exactly what it sounds like. You are in charge of creating the content and then deciding what the best strategy is to implement that content.  Facebook is one kind of tone. LinkedIn is a totally different kind of tone. That’s where the art form of the strategy comes in — in deciding what goes where and when.


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