Consistency is Boring, but Vital to Brand


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Some will say doing the same thing over and over will never get you positive results. And, they may actually be right in some cases. However, when it comes to your brand, consistency is a necessity.

Your brand consists of the image and message which comes to mind when someone thinks of your product, service or company.

You can’t force a brand on anyone. While your logo and tagline operate as supporting pieces, your brand consists of much more.

Your brand is the core of what your organization represents. It’s how and why you serve your customer. When all of your messaging, imagery and actions match what you want to portray, it will be branded into the minds of those who need your services.


One thing many run into, even marketing experts, is boredom. This isn’t talking about laziness or too much time on their hands, but when consistency begins to feel boring. Some may begin thinking they need to change up the message or change up the look of the company.

Your brand may seem boring and too narrow to you, but remember it’s not for you, it’s for your customers. Establish yourself, your main message, product and service in the mind of your customer, then continue supporting it. You support your brand with creative ideas, instead of creatively re-creating your brand.

So how do you remain consistent in brand and creative in marketing?

Don’t forget your roots.

Many businesses forget what they’re good at. They try to expand or move into different markets, which oftentimes results in a watered down brand. Expansion and sub-branding can be done the right way. But, remember to keep coming back to your roots.

Your story is important. Your product or service is valuable. Keep providing what your customers love and be the best at providing it.

Be creative in content, but ensure it supports your established brand’s message.

Here’s what consistency is not: It’s not producing the same picture, same content, on the same platform, over and over.

Here is what consistent marketing should look like: Taking a core message and creatively finding ways to support and communicate it.

For true marketing creatives, this is both frustrating and fun. Creatively communicating the same message over a long period of time can eventually become tiring and feel somewhat redundant. Here are two things to remember: 1. Your customer isn’t thinking about your brand 24/7 like you.

  1. When you feel like you’re in a rut, look outside your bubble for inspiration. Even just taking a walk or talking with a friend can spark new ideas.

The key is not allowing your personal feelings of the brand to drive your marketing. Keep reminding yourself of who you are serving. What package can you put your message in that will resonate with them?

There are times when a company needs to rebrand, but rebranding should only take place when your brand has never been fully established in the mind of your customer. Making that type of decision should involve research and extensive planning.

But, here’s the action you can take right now:

  1.     Define your brand. Who are you at your core and in the minds of others? (You might even ask a few customers!)
  2.     Brainstorm three ways you can creatively communicate that message this month.
  3.     Document the results. What worked well and what didn’t?

Put away your feelings about the brand. Go back to your roots and remember what your brand stands for in the marketplace. Now, consistently be, and communicate who you already are.