5 Important Tips for Creating an Effective Video Commercial

We’ve all seen the typical local television commercial. Many of these 30 second advertisements are hired out by local news stations or media services featuring a business owner presenting the benefits they offer or the recent specials available. But, one of the mistakes these types of commercials make is that they speak at the audience instead of engaging their audience where they are.

But you’re reading this article, so clearly, you’re already a step ahead. You want more than the typical. You have a brand. You have a message. You have a target you want to reach. Now, you’ve found the right place to start.

We’ve broken down 5 principles that make video commercials stand out. See below, we even give you a few examples of how we’ve done this in our own work. But remember, the best videos start when they’re a part of a marketing strategy that fits the goals of your business.

1. Tell a story.

It sounds simple, but many times commercials list out features and benefits instead of telling a story we can relate to. Come up with an engaging story and hire a professional video crew to shoot the commercial. Give yourself permission to lay aside your normal script to build a short film, not an average commercial no one will remember 30 seconds later. Grab the attention of your audience and take them on a journey with your brand instead of telling the audience about your brand.

This is just one video from a campaign series we created for BTC. Every piece revolves around the story that no one wants to wait to see the climax of a tv show or film, so stop letting low internet speeds slow your entertainment down.

2. Hire an on-screen presence.

Too many business owners cut costs on their videos by presenting the information themselves, despite being uncomfortable with on-camera/public speaking. You could appear nervous in the commercial, you may have trouble remembering the lines, or the footage might not even be usable if you speak too quietly or in a monotone.

Hire someone who understands your business’s audience well enough to relate to them through the screen. Audiences respond to commercials they can identify with, that speak to them directly.

3. Entertain the audience.

In the age of commercial-free streaming services, audiences are more exasperated by commercials than ever. This means video whether online or on TV needs to work even harder to hold an audience’s attention. There’s a delicate balance between being entertaining and still ensuring your brand is remembered when the next commercial starts. Plenty of people can remember a funny commercial, but many times they won’t remember who created the commercial. You want to make sure the story you’re telling, the humor used and your main message are presented clearly and reflect your brand accurately.

Surrounding every family’s need for more room for their stuff, we were able to run a rent-to-own campaign with a variety of video (variety of lengths and story lines), online display ads and social media posts/ads. We relayed the main message while still being entertaining for the audience.

4. Find a direction. 

What’s the difference between a Gatorade commercial and the Volkswagen commercial with the Star Wars kid?  

Answer: They create stories that appeal directly to their respective audience.   

First, figure out who you are speaking to. Then, come up with a creative direction that will appeal to this group. 

If you’re trying to sell a premium family sedan, using a hilariously cute kid in a costume would be fitting. If you’re selling an athlete-oriented, refreshing beverage, it would be best to present the drink as a tough, resilient tool in a workout montage or a track race. Figure out your goal, understand your audience and let it lead your approach.  

As an agency, we help you not only produce your commercial but also help you find the right direction for your video. We’re firm believers in leaning on strengths. You have a business to run, so we take care of the marketing planning and execution for you. How do we usually start? We start with your brand story.  

5. Fully understand your brand BEFORE you make a video commercial!

You can have a hilarious script, the best actors in town, and a crew that shoots the coolest-looking scenes ever. Yet, it will fall flat if you don’t have an established brand.

Did you picture your logo when we mentioned “brand”? First, understand what all your brand entails and then take steps to begin creating the brand you really want. Check out this article for how to do that.

TV commercials are great for introducing new brands, or continuing a relationship with customers. After all the bells and whistles, it’s your brand that will make you stand out the most. Which one of these responses does your brand when mentioned in public?

Take the time to establish your brand. If you stand out in all aspects of your marketing, a video commercial will be a great addition. But, if your marketing success is tied up in one video on TV or online, then you may need to take a step back and re-evaluate not only your brand but your marketing strategy. We help businesses establish their brand and build a strategy around video to maximize their exposure among their target audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about commercial video production, schedule your free 15-minute consultation with us! We’re always excited to help businesses become well known in their space.