Grilled burger

Burger King Tell Customers "Go To McDonald's"????

Burger King launched a bold new campaign to promote its app by taking an unprovoked shot at one of their chief competitors. In the bewildering campaign, they offered the public a coupon for their signature sandwich, the Whopper, for just one penny.

When Should You Rebrand?

Whenever a big name company rolls out a rebrand it’s kind of like Christmas for us. We love to break it down, pick it apart and debate internally about their process and if we think it was a good idea or not.

What Does Your Brand Voice Sound Like?

When your brand speaks, what does it sound like? Is it a man, or a woman? Millennial, or a boomer? Do they speak in proper English, or do they use a little slang? Does it sound like a hurried text message? Or, a well thought-out statement?

What was Nike Thinking?

What was Nike thinking? Their latest campaign kickoff raised a lot of eyebrows and instantly sparked a heated debate launching the 30th anniversary of their “Just Do It” campaign.

Comic Day

Just for Fun: Marketers Talk Comics

Some of the most recognizable brands in pop culture today are ripped straight from the pages of comic books. Show anyone around the world the logo for Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man, and odds are, they can tell you who it belongs to in a heartbeat. 

Signs of an Outdated Website

Just because your website was great five years ago – or even a year ago – doesn’t mean it still is. More often than not now, your website – not your physical place of business – forms your customer’s first impression of you.

You Don’t Want to be a “Me Too” Brand. So, What is That?

A “me too” brand is one that looks, sounds, and makes promises just like their competitors. Every business tries to outshine their competition, but just saying all the same things but louder doesn’t work.

Getting to the Top of Google

When a potential customer is looking for the good or service you sell, you want them to find you before your competition, right? You probably know that more people are turning to the internet to search for goods and services, which is why you have a website.

Prime Real Estate

Advertising and sports have a long and complicated history. What was at one time a simple exercise of buying commercial time during a televised event, has grown into a multi-billion-dollar spending practice for companies every year.

How To Find Your True Brand Story

Telling the story of your company sounds easy, but many fail at doing it right.

One of the first questions you need to ask as a business is: Are you telling your story or are you just alluding to it?

Marketing Without Diagnosis = Malpractice

A marketing agency should have a blend of tactics to use.

A marketing agency should hit the target audience.

A marketing agency should have a process and invite you to participate in it.

5 Breweries with Brilliant Visual Branding

In a state that is dominated by bourbon, the craft beer industry is booming in Kentucky. There are currently 50 active licenses for breweries in the state. Good beer can only take a business so far. Breweries need to be successful in marketing, especially with their creative, visual branding.  

Why Your Logo is not Your Brand

You have a brand. It’s not your logo. It’s not the name of your business. But it does involve almost every piece of your business. When most people hear the term “brand,” they think of popular companies with recognizable names and logos such Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola or Google, but your brand goes deeper than that.

Sales-Driven vs. Marketing-Driven Companies

Which Approach is Best for your Business? As a business owner or key decision maker, there are several choices you’ll be required to make. When it comes to looking toward the future and creating a plan for business growth, there’s two types of basic approaches you can take.

Life Imitates Art, Imitating Life

Where the line between what is and isn’t real on TV, the internet, and especially in advertising, has been blurred beyond recognition, we’ve finally come full circle. It’s hard to believe that it took this long for such an occurrence to take place. But low and behold, it finally has.

Why You Need to be Posting on LinkedIn

As we continue to explore the many different ways you can get to know your audience with our ongoing series “Getting to Know Your Audience,” (clever, we know) let’s take this opportunity to tackle an often underused social media outlet: LinkedIn.

Two Most Important Marketing Questions

So, as the new year begins, here’s some quick marketing tips from Innovations Branding House to you! There are two main questions you should ask as the new year begins. Are you ready? Here they are: Have you built a marketing foundation? What’s next? These two questions

5 Tips on How to Create Top of Mind Awareness for Your Brand

Let’s imagine that you’re back in school, and it’s time to take a pop quiz! Scary, right? Don’t worry; there are no right or wrong answers here. You’re guaranteed to get an “A” for effort. Are you ready? Name a soft drink. Name a car make.

The Women Who Inspire Us

It’s International Women’s Day and so today the ladies of Innovations are celebrating and reflecting on those who have inspired us. Those who have encouraged us to live better and be better for another generation. We are the career women the generations before us dreamed to be.