Why your logo is not your brand

You have a brand. It’s not your logo. It’s not the name of your business. But it does involve almost every piece of your business. When most people hear the term “brand,” they think of popular companies with recognizable names and logos such Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola or Google, but your brand goes deeper than that.

The Women who inspire us

The Women Who Inspire Us

It’s International Women’s Day and so today the ladies of Innovations are celebrating and reflecting on those who have inspired us. Those who have encouraged us to live better and be better for another generation. We are the career women the generations before us dreamed to be.

Life imitates art imitating life

Life Imitates Art, Imitating Life

Where the line between what is and isn’t real on TV, the internet, and especially in advertising, has been blurred beyond recognition, we’ve finally come full circle. It’s hard to believe that it took this long for such an occurrence to take place. But low and behold, it finally has.