Your beer should stand out from the pack.

It’s a great time to be a beer lover. Over the last few years, craft brewing has exploded from a tiny niche to a market juggernaut, making up more than a quarter of the whole beer industry. New breweries are opening up at a breakneck pace. Beer drinkers are spoiled for choices.

But in many ways, it’s a challenging time to be a brewer.


One word: Competition.

With every brewery that opens, it gets harder for any one of them to stand out and get noticed. It’s easy for even a great beer to get lost in the flood of new options hitting store shelves and taprooms every day.

With a million beers out there, how do you get consumers to notice yours? Simple: great marketing.

As a brewer, that’s probably kind of a bummer to hear. You want to make great beer, not worry about how to market it. Unfortunately, customers are so overloaded with information and distractions nowadays that a great product rarely speaks entirely for itself. Effective marketing cuts through the noise, and makes sure customers see and remember you.

In a marketing world full of noise, we’ll be the first to tell you it can be hard making sure you’re heard. That’s what we’re here for.

With so many avenues to market your business, navigating it all is a tall order, even with marketing staff in-house! Whether you’ve never marketed at all or you’ve got your own in-house team, we can still help your beer stand out even stronger.

Innovations Wheel

Here are a few different types of businesses we typically work with:

1.The Non-Marketing Type:

Your business probably relies mostly on word of mouth and customer loyalty to keep your brand strong. You might have a social media account or two and post sporadically here and there with some quick cell phone pictures, but no real defined plan in place.

How We Help:

Most likely, your resources are tied up with daily operation and you don’t have the means to have in-house marketing experts to craft a continuous marketing strategy. That’s where we come in. When you partner with us, you’ll instantly gain a full TEAM of marketing experts at your ready. We find the straightest path toward making an impact on your target audience working within your set budget.

2. The Marketing Director Type:

If this sounds like your business, you probably have one or two employees dedicated to marketing activities. They might run social media accounts and field Google reviews, but they are typically the ones tasked with helping to decide a strategy to take or research tactics your business can use to try and increase revenue.

How We Help:

We love working with Marketing Directors and Marketing Coordinators. They are an incredible resource for making sure as the business owner, your goals are being achieved so you can focus on running your business. We work hand in hand with your Marketing Director to implement a solid marketing strategy to focus in on your target audience and accomplish your goals.

3. The Marketing Team:

Does your business have a marketing team on staff? We can relate to that! So, you have a number of individuals who spend all day every day working toward gaining new customers and new business while still working to nurture your already established relationships with your current customer base. Sound about right?

How We Help:

Sometimes it’s just better to put your heads together. We work with other marketing departments in many capacities. It might be idea creation, it might be video production, it might be organizing a campaign. Or it could be all of those, and more. The point is, we work together to put forth our efforts to make a great strategy the best strategy for whatever your business’s goals may be.

If you feel like you could be reaching more customers through different marketing avenues, you’re absolutely right. Not only can we help you explore marketing tactics you’ve yet to undertake, but we can also help you finely tune the tools you are currently implementing.

Together, we’ll build a strategy that works for you, no matter what your business looks like. And it can all start with a simple conversation.

And it can all start with a simple conversation.

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