Apply for a job as the Innovations Office Coordinator!

ISO: A go-getter. Self starter. Confident, yet humble individual who knows a little about a lot and is ready and willing to learn more.

Please read to the end, as our application process is unique.

To put it bluntly: we’re a marketing firm who does all the marketing things. The more you know about that, the more you’ll know about us and how we operate. The more you know about us, the easier it is to understand why we need you on our team. Marketing experience not required.

Here’s what we want out of you:

Go-Getter – Both literally and figuratively. You’ll definitely have to go and get things from time to time (when Amazon won’t do the trick), but this is more about gumption. If you want to Google that as a refresher, go ahead. Learning will be a big part of your job. And it never ends. Hope that’s OK! (The rest of the team enjoys it, if that helps.)

Ideally, you’ll already have skills with Google apps, Microsoft Office and Quickbooks, to name a few. You don’t have to know everything about them, but you’ll need to have a good enough understanding to learn on the fly. We would like you to be very organized and detail oriented. This will help you just as much as it helps us. Being a good proofreader is another huge plus.

The position does require you to literally go get things. Most of those things can be ordered on Amazon, some cannot, such as mail, vendor orders, bank deposits… just your everyday errand-type things.

Self Starter – We need someone who can see a to-do list and be able to figure out how to get it done. Of course, you’ll get trained on the job, but there isn’t a “how-to” list for a lot of what we do. We make it as we go. And that’s what we need from you, too. And if you can write down that “how-to” list while you’re at it, we’d greatly appreciate it!

Another aspect of this position is assisting with the team as needed to accomplish the goal at hand. This is purposefully vague because it could be anything. We might need to deliver a custom cake in a different time zone. We might need to figure out how to organize a 5k in the middle of town. It won’t be either of those, because we know how to do that already. So don’t waste any time researching that before your interview.

It’s just to say, that’s how random the task might be. We don’t know until we know. So thanks in advance for figuring it out.

Confident, Yet Humble – It boils down to this: we need a person with the confidence to get things done and get them done without having to ask how*, but also the humbleness to call a spade a spade. Someone who “knows when to hold ‘em, and knows when to fold ‘em,” so to speak.

We need you to be a people-person. You’ll be in contact with anyone and everyone, from clients to co-workers, so you’ll need to be the type that enjoys and feeds off of those relationships. Communication is incredibly important in our line of work, so we need someone who can coordinate and communicate with all parties involved to keep the ship running smoothly. The “communication captain” if you will.

* Disclaimer // With this being said (we really do need you to be independent), we absolutely operate as and encourage a collaborative environment. We want you to communicate and ask questions and learn from the team. There’s just a sweet spot somewhere in there, ya know?

About the Position

 This is a full-time, in-office position. We are located in downtown Paducah, Kentucky, on beautiful Broadway Street. You’ll need to be available from 8 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday. Some of the aforementioned errands might take place outside of that time frame, but that is the gist of it.

How to Apply


Put your up-to-date resume together! That part is all you.

Then, fill out a DISC profile here. Once that’s done, email us your resume and your DISC profile report.


This is where you can get creative! We’ve got 5 questions below, to which we want to hear your in-depth answers! You can answer the questions by filling out the form below OR – if you like bonus points – you can skip the form and make a video of yourself answering these questions and include that video in your email to us (whether YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc.).