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shooting the shit with chef sara "kitchen knives"



freight house had established itself as one of Paducah’s top restaurants through a social media campaign and word-of-mouth spread by an enthusiastic fan base. They sought us out to help them craft a consistent aesthetic in an effort to reach larger areas in the western Kentucky region. As a secondary goal, freight house sought to showcase their dedication to helping the community thrive, both through their dedication to local farmers and partners. On their behalf, we promote educational initiatives to encourage members of the community to become more involved in local agriculture.


We developed a new website that amplifies their brand, while showcasing their local partners and their constantly rotating menu. We have implemented a consistent social media plan to highlight the restaurant’s many community-oriented actions. It boosts the awareness of the many accomplishments of both freight house and chef Sara Bradley and her staff. We helped tighten the brand message and put together a consistent brand image, from the website and menus, to email campaigns to loyal customers.