Getting Creative with Emotion

When it comes to marketing, emotion is a really big deal. Think back to the last movie you watched and all the different emotions it made you feel. If you can recall the movie, the storyline worked on you. Without a memorable story, there is potential for being forgotten. The same goes for your business.

Telling A Story

P&G did a great job evoking a strong emotional connection with their Thank You, Mom campaign airing during the 2010 Olympics. A great campaign by Wieden + Kennedy, this series focused on the impact moms had on their young athletes. While there are no scripts for the videos, they still tell beautiful stories of the journey and dedication of mothers. Watch the videos and then reflect on how they make you feel.

This series does a good job of really pulling on the heartstrings and drawing you into the story. While it may not directly make you want to immediately purchase an item, it does create awareness that could lead to a purchase later on.

Why does this work? It captures your audience and keeps them engaged for a longer period of time. By telling a story, your audience can feel as if they will experience something similar –  like there’s a greater purpose.

Making a Connection

We actually did this one ourselves for one of our clients. Innovations Branding House (that’s us) created a video series that nearly any person can relate to today. If you’ve ever logged into Netflix, watched a YouTube video or streamed literally anything from the internet, you know the struggle. The slow internet struggle. The frustration of not having a strong enough connection to watch the dang video yet somehow the ads load just fine. Yeah, we tapped into that emotion. Check out the videos here. Spoiler alert: you’re going to get frustrated.

These videos hit just the right pain point to make the viewer feel like it’s time for a change and motivate them to take action. Nobody likes having to wait for something to load. Not millennials waiting for Game of Thrones to load, not moms who need Baby Shark to play right now, not even grandparents trying to FaceTime the grandkids. And that’s why this works so well. Emotion is tapped and nearly everyone can relate to the feeling.

We like to play with emotions here at Innovations – we actually do it every day with strategic marketing messages. We also know how hard it can be to figure out what emotion you should tap into to make your target audience do something. But that’s why we’re here.

Need help trying to find what emotion to use that will draw in your audience? Not sure what kind of marketing your business needs? Give us a call or shoot us a message. All of our consultations are free and we would love to talk with you!

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