For over 20 years, we’ve been working to make an impact for businesses big and small by helping them achieve their goals and strengthen their brand. How have we done it? We’ll let our clients do the talking for us. Below are a few examples of the work we’ve done with some of our clients, and how they perceived working with us in their own words. 


Strategic Thinking and Creative Ideas

We first met the awesome folks at Ale-8-One on our RoadTrip KY series. If you aren’t familiar, RoadTrip KY was a passion project we put together to document some of Kentucky’s storied brands through their own words. As a proud business of the Commonwealth ourselves, Ale-8-One’s story has long been on every one of our radars; most of us having grown up being lucky enough to get our hands on it. 

After our initial introduction to the Ale-8-One team, they asked us to provide our perspective on ideas for a campaign to help revive their classic longneck bottle. We helped develop messaging and a strategy focused on boosting sales for the iconic returnable longneck bottle. 

From there, the Ale-8-One team took over launching the campaign. At the year’s end, Marketing Director Chris Boyle reported sales of longnecks saw double digit growth after years of decline. Revisit our trip to Winchester, KY, home of Ale-8-One below.

“Innovations Branding House provided strategic thinking and key ideas that helped us revive the Ale-8-One returnable bottle – driving double digit growth after years of decline.”

– Chris Boyle, Marketing Director at Ale-8-One

First Kentucky Bank

Breaking Out of the Box

First Kentucky Bank was looking to improve their brand presence as competitors began moving into their market. Their goal was to establish a strong brand strategy that both their customers and employees could identify with while drawing new customers to the First Kentucky Bank family.

Through print materials, strategic ad placement and a branded video series (just to name a few), we were not only able to make a lasting impression for their target audience, but the Prosper video series also won several awards in the process. 

Innovations came up with fresh new ideas for us – a lot of them, we were unsure about… but they really helped us break out of the box, especially in banking, which is highly regulated.

– Amanda Rorer, Marketing Officer at First Kentucky Bank

First Kentucky Prosper
First Kentucky tradeshow booth
First Kentucky print
First Kentucky outdoor booth
First Kentucky Bank website

Tenacity Training

One Step Back, One Giant Leap Forward

Four-time American Ninja Warrior contestant Nicole Griffith came to Innovations seeking an exciting video to help launch her business Tenacity Training. Having seen our video portfolio (and even starring in a role for one spot), Nicole was confident in the abilities Innovations had to create a compelling video for her business.

After a few discussions, we encouraged Nicole to take a step back and evaluate what her goals were not just for the video, but for her business as a whole. Together, we agreed on a strategic approach to help establish her brand identity and create a solid web presence for her to build off of. 

“My very first meeting with Innovations, I had come in to have them develop a video for me… we decided to take a step back, slow down, and take the time to establish what brand I’m going to use.”

– Nicole Griffin, Owner of Tenacity Training

Tenacity T-Shirt
Tenacity Website
Tenacity Flyer

Kentucky Machine & Engineering

Bringing Future Goals to the Present

Kentucky Machine wanted to partner with a team to help maximize the work of their internal marketing manager. After getting to know the Kentucky Machine team and the goals they were looking to accomplish both immediately and down the road, we were able to help put together a plan that we could implement immediately and also provide supporting materials for their marketing and sales departments.

We set out to rebuild the website while developing marketing tactics to help drive leads to their sales department. Some leads began coming in from outside of North America; a goal they had for their business at least a year down the road. 

“Our goal this year was to pick up 10 long-term new customers that we could work for and keep 3-4 jobs year round for them. We had not envisioned or intended to go outside of North America. We see now that the possibilities of us getting outside of North America could be very lucrative. It’s a very real possibility we could do that this year. That was a long-term goal, for maybe 2021-22, but it’s already starting to take shape. We’re very excited with what we’re seeing and what Innovations has done for us. I can’t say enough good about what they’ve done for Kentucky Machine & Engineering.”

           – Greg Allen, CEO of Kentucky Machine & Engineering

KY Machine website
KME Postcard
KME Headshots
KME Campaign
KME Postcard

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