A Love Story of a Different Sort

This isn’t your typical love story. And, my husband isn’t really even a part of it (scandal!). Let me explain, this is the love story between me and a brand. A financial management brand at that. 

Romantic, right? 

At the moment I discovered my need for them, there they were. They understood my struggle. They understood my needs. They understood me

How did they do that? Marketing.

Now, living on your own you get used to one income, one checking account, focusing on one person’s wants and needs… your own. When my husband and I started talking about marriage, I realized the way we both handled money would probably have to change.

I, being a lover of organization, 1.) wanted a way for us to track it all easily and 2.) work to stay under budget every month (two very difficult tasks for us, might I add). 

So I began to do research. I started with asking Facebook friends for recommendations on financial tracking apps.

Some friends recommended YNAB, others recommended Every Dollar, others recommended Mint, and the list goes on. So I looked into all of them. Google searches led me to multiple app options and articles, too. So I started testing out different apps based on the top contenders I found.

Key takeaway: When a customer tells you they heard of you through “word of mouth”, it doesn’t mean that’s the reason they chose you.

Then the wooing began. Let me walk through what impacted my decision to purchase YNAB.

Website Messaging: I like control. They’re telling me I can have total control of our money. Check! Plus, I was able to try a month for free. That meant I could see if this system would make sense for us or if I needed to keep looking.


Key takeaway: The first message someone should see on your website is how you will help them live a better life. At this point they don’t want to know who you are, just if you can help or not. 

Facebook Ads: I began seeing more ads for YNAB, they sent articles and targeted messaging reminding me it’s time to take control of our money and budget. They continued to feed me the message that everyone needs a budget and that included us. 



Key takeaway: Run re-targeting ads to those who have already shown an interest in your brand offerings. Being reminded of your brand keeps you a viable option in the customer’s mind. 

Videos & Tutorials: I started seeing more videos pop up in my Facebook feed, and I also sought out tutorials on how to use their system. In my case, it taught me not only how to use their app/desktop version but also introduced me to a new way of thinking about my finances.

Key takeaway: Product videos can increase purchases by 144% (Neil Patel, 2017) (Source). Video has changed the way people purchase and engage with companies. If you’re not using video, then you’re missing out.

Direct Communication: After signing up to test the app, they started sending me emails to jumpstart my budgeting experience. And, as I had questions, they replied! Their goal? Get me to engage during the trial so I end up needing the app for month two (and therefore paying for the service).  

Key takeaway: Email communication isn’t dead. Neither is personal customer service. Both are important to keep customers engaged and in a position to easily reach out to purchase. 

Then, the big question was asked, “Will I buy in?” 

The end of the trial came, and I had a choice to make. Was I going to buy or not? My sister-in-law had recommended it. Online reviews had continued to bolster my confidence. Their communication continued to answer any questions or confusion that popped up. Plus, I had put a lot of work into setting up our accounts and building a budget that would work now into the future.

So, yes, I paid, and we are still using it. 

Key takeaway: It’s not one interaction. It’s not one recommendation. It’s not one marketing message that will convert someone into a customer. It’s a strategic combination of messages. It’s meeting someone’s need and providing a solution. Then you continue to explain to them why your solution is the best for their life. That, in a nutshell, is what marketing does. 

And that, in a nutshell, is what we build for B2B and B2C clients. We’re the marketers who introduce people to a better way of life. 

Ready to build a marketing strategy that not only catches their attention but nurtures them into purchasing? Let’s get started! 

**YNAB is not an Innovations client and did not pay for this review/explanation. Catie wanted to demonstrate how marketing works and how it impacts her own personal life, outside the office. 

Catie Overby

Article Written By:

Catie Overby

Content Strategist/Carries Ranch in Her Purse like Hand Sanitizer