If you were to go on Google right now and search “what should I look for in a marketing agency?” you would find some very generic answers.

  • A marketing agency should have a blend of tactics to use.
  • A marketing agency should hit the target audience.
  • A marketing agency should have a process and invite you to participate in it.

Every marketing agency does those things, or at least should do these things. It’s standard in the industry.

We always tell clients it’s not important to be better than your competition, but it is important to be different.

1. Your marketing agency needs to be strategy oriented.

Everything from social media posts to the color of the buttons on your website need to be thought out and strategized.

2. Your marketing agency needs to be experienced in business.

Deciding to work with an agency is almost like a business partnership. Shouldn’t it make sense that the agency be experienced in business?

3. Your marketing agency shouldn’t prescribe without a diagnosis, that’s malpractice.

A doctor doesn’t prescribe a medication without first taking the time to diagnose the problem. The same goes for marketing agencies. An agency needs to take the time to sit down with you to understand your marketing problems and business goals to better understand what needs to happen next.

When looking to hire an agency to help with your marketing, remember these tips when choosing the one who will represent your brand.

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