Our Favorite 2019 Marketing Projects

Every year brings new challenges. And, when we are faced with something particularly important or difficult, the energy in the office changes. At times, brainstorming sessions, editing conversations and launch days can be pretty intense. 

Why? Here’s a little Innovations secret…we actually care, not only about our clients, but about the people they serve. We don’t solely care about our craft, but about the people our creations will impact, too. 

“Marketing is one of the critical components for business growth. Without it, employees don’t achieve personal and financial goals (kids to college, new home, vacations, etc.)” Todd, Innovations CEO, explained. “Without marketing, there are customers who never get their problems fixed. How else do they know you can solve their issue?” 

2019 was a year of telling the stories that link our clients’ solutions with their customers’ needs. So, we wanted to give you a glimpse of how we accomplished that throughout the year. 

Saying Goodbye to the Days of Buffering - An Award Winning Video Series

BTC wanted to introduce their new internet options with faster speeds. We decided that there wasn’t anything worse than watching a great movie or tv show only to have a buffering symbol pop up right at the climax. So, we created climactic scenes on screen, only to end in buffering.

After three videos and a full digital and print campaign wrapped around it, we not only saw results for BTC, but the video series also won nationally acclaimed marketing awards: 2019 Gold W3 Award for Branded Entertainment Series and 2019 Silver Davey Award for Online Video Series.

Creative Director Austin Madding said, “We knew we wanted to end on the problem of loading times, so Nick and I came up with lots of gags to land on that punchline. I love directing action, the shoots were a blast.”

Gold W3 Award

“Every account requires some creativity,” Nick, digital strategist said, “But, it’s really fun when you get to really go wild with ideas. And extremely gratifying to see something you helped create come to life, even win awards.”

Take a look at some of the behind the scenes shots!


Reaching the High Wall - Promoting Tenacity

Our team was able to help veteran American Ninja Warrior competitor, Nicole Griffin, build a foundational marketing platform for her ninja warrior fitness center, Tenacity Training

Our team didn’t just write and build a website for Nicole, they immersed themselves into the training as well. 

Britana, our Business Development Liaison, was more than eager to (literally) jump right in. “I was already familiar with Tenacity before we began this project. I had signed my son up for a membership after hearing about it. He absolutely loves it, and Nicole. Being able to work together has been a blast for everyone involved.”

Our own brand is all about innovating which equals trying, failing, learning, and, eventually, succeeding. It’s one of the reasons we loved working with Tenacity because we too believe in the value they stand for:  

“Tenacity is here to instill confidence in every person that walks through our doors. We promote failure as a learning technique to inspire members to tackle every obstacle head on – both mentally and physically.” 

We built a complete website from writing copy, design and producing videos to complete this marketing piece. Take a look!

Painting On a Clean Slate - Refreshing A Brand

We took Wheeler Wellness Center through a complete rebrand as a new owner took over. Starting with research, we discovered the direction to take the new Ballert Medical Aesthetics. Then, we rebuilt the brand from logo creation, web content/design, video and print materials. 

Aaron, designer and videographer on the team, said this was his favorite project from 2019. “They came to us with a clean slate,” he said. “We developed a cohesive brand and they loved what we did so much they got their interior decorator to match our brand colors for their new building.”

This blank slate allowed us to focus on creating what would not only grab the attention of new customers, but reframe what was already established in their current customers’ minds. With the new tagline, “Refresh What’s Within,” they’re able to remind every customer of the beauty both inside and outside their body. When life takes a toll, sometimes a refresh is all you need, which, in retrospect, is exactly what we were able to achieve for them.

You can check out more of that work here.

Cooking Our Way to Success - shooting the shit with chef sara

We had a blast “shooting the shit” with Chef Sara Bradley, owner of Freight House and 2019 contestant on ‘Top Chef’ all last year. This is a mini cooking segment we produced for her social media channels. It’s where she’s able to reveal all (well…some) of her secret chef techniques. 

Blake, content strategist and amateur cook himself, loved working alongside Sara. While learning new things is part of our job, it’s not often we get to apply that knowledge in our own lives. 

“As someone who loves to cook, and loves to experiment in the kitchen,” Blake said, “This series has literally been food for thought. I’ve made (or at least attempted to) several items from the series, and, full disclosure, might have influenced the topic of one of the instructionals because I couldn’t figure out how to do it correctly just from reading the recipe. Beer cheese…I’ve got it down to a T, now.”


Spreading Hope in Our Community - Signet’s Holidays of Hope Campaign

There isn’t much that gets Catie, a content strategist, more excited than Christmas. So, the fact that Signet Federal Credit Union launched Holidays of Hope for the second year had her a little too excited as she built her long list of ideas. Thankfully, she and the team paired it down to what they believed would be most impactful (the live reindeer inside the main branch will have to wait for another year…). 

We continued with social promotion and a TV commercial of donations and volunteering efforts, but this time we recommended an addition. In November, we helped Signet’s staff host a Holidays of Hope Movie Night at Maiden Alley Cinema, complete with balloon animals, free popcorn and Santa!

“Knowing we had helped them provide a fun, free, family-friendly night out during one of the most expensive times of the year really made my heart happy,” Catie said. “The excitement the kids had as Santa introduced the movie and thanked Signet for hosting, made all the hard work worth it.” 

Signet Holidays of Hope Event
Signet Holidays of Hope Event
Signet Holidays of Hope Event

We’ve been in 2020 planning mode for a while now, but it’s always important to look back at the year to applaud our successes and identify those critical learning moments. Every year has them, and 2020 will be no different. We can’t wait to share with you some of the great work we have in the pipeline!