City of Paducah Strategic Plan

Our Paducah

We worked with the City of Paducah to accomplish two primary objectives they sought to provide to the local community. Their goal was to work on taking care of issues that mattered most to the citizens while also providing the community with a platform to see how the city was dealing with those very issues in real time. The Innovations team helped them discover what mattered to citizens most and keep citizens informed throughout the progress.

Leadership at the City of Paducah launched the ambitious plan in 2018, wanting to invite the public to weigh in on the objectives they’d like to see implemented to improve the community.

Our Paducah website and strategy book

To achieve this, our team put together an in-depth survey to get the feedback the city was after. We organized a digital version to advertise through social media channels, as well as paper surveys that were distributed at various busy locations throughout the city.

After collecting and analyzing the data, we worked with the city to develop a physical version of the plan they laid out. We then developed a website for the sole purpose of tracking the progress of the city’s community focused projects. The citizens of Paducah could now follow along in real time the progress being made on the issues that mattered to them the most.

“The preliminary research process Innovations provided prior to launching a marketing campaign helped our team better understand who we were trying to reach. The resulting marketing and design was creative and specific to the needs of the team.”

Mayor Harless

Our photographers and videographers worked to visually capture the work being accomplished and shared video messages from city leaders to the keep the community engaged with the progress. We continued to work with the city in creating monthly reports on the goals being achieved and updating the website to make the information easily accessible to the public.

From research to implementation, we acted as the City of Paducah’s guide in being curious, creative and engaged with the community.

Reference cards and posters promoting Paducah's new communication goals
City of Paducah Small Business Resource Guides
Location Photography of Paducah Landmarks
Strategic Plan Report Cards