We approach every project with the confidence that we are creating award winning work. With each website, video, business card, photo, or any other project we tackle, we do so passionately, thoughtfully and with great ambition. Every once in awhile, we actually do win awards for our work. What kind of award winning work could we create for you? Here are a few examples.


freight house - Social Media

2018 Silver W3 Award for Social Media Presence for freight house

One area in which we assist with freight house’s marketing is through creating social media content that echoes the distinctive freight house voice and then pairing it with high quality imagery and video of their many artistic dishes and endeavors. The strength, consistency and unique quality of that social media voice was enough to earn us a Silver W3 Award for “Social Media Presence” in 2018.

First Kentucky Bank "Prosper" Series

2017 Silver W3 Award for Branded Content Video Series

2017 Silver Davey Award for Campaign Commercial Video Series

2017 Silver Davey Award for Corporate/Public Image Commercials

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First Kentucky Bank needed both their brand image and their campaigns to communicate a sense of  ‘community spirit’ and a supportive banking experience. Our team devised an entire series of educational content designed to make a customer’s banking experience more manageable and tailored to their knowledge base. This educational content series is known as ‘Prosper’.

Prosper is an entire database of educational content, including the promotional video series “Classes with Greta.” These videos matched the tone of the Prosper content, while setting customers up for an enjoyable experience through educational content “so simple, a child could teach it!”

To see the entire series, visit First Kentucky Bank’s website.

Purchase Area Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy Center – Hope, Heal and Grow

2017 Silver Davey Award for Charitable/Not-for-Profit Online Film/Video

The Purchase Area Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy Center was looking for a way to reach out to women who might be in need of assistance, but who were afraid to take the first step. They wanted to create a video to help alleviate the fear sometimes associated with having to make such a difficult choice.

The Hope, Heal and Grow video was created to tell the story of a fictional victim through one of their methods of treatment, with the hope that it would encourage more women to come forward.

Innovations Branding House Business Cards

2016 Davey Award - Silver Winner in Design/Print

Designer Patrick Valiquette was the mastermind behind the design of our award-winning business cards. Working from an old concept, he was able to bring this 2D/3D conversation piece into the world and turn heads not just in conference rooms, but also at the judges table. He was able to literally bring dimension to our logo by transferring something some would consider mundane, into a work of art.

SmileKidz Postcard Mailer

2016 Davey Award - Silver Winner in Design/Print

SmileKidz Dentistry faced a great challenge when they came to us for help. Not only were they attempting to grow their customer base in a competitive industry in a major market area, but they faced an even taller task than that: get kids excited about the dentist.

Creative Director Austin Madding channeled his inner child and developed a kid-friendly campaign that centered around transforming their doctors into plaque fighting superheros. This included a postcard that would be mailed to current and potential customers. As a result, SmileKidz increased their patient base by more than 30% and Austin picked up an award for his creative ingenuity.

Paducah Cigar Club "Moments"

2016 W3 Award - Silver Winner in Promotional/Branded Video

The Paducah Cigar Company came to us looking for a branded video that would speak to the elegance of their shop, while also serving as an invitation to the public. Creative Director Austin Madding, along with Cinematographer Aaron King, put together an idea for a promotional video that conveyed the true lounge experience to entice new members.

They were able to create a video that communicated the true elegance of the lounge experience in an effort to promote the cigar club membership. “Moments” ultimately helped increase membership and picked up an award for Promotional/Branded Material in the process.