The foundation of any successful venture, no matter what the path may be, is almost always some type of research. If you thought that your studying days were over after you got your diploma, then we are sorry to inform you that if success is your goal, then that is simply not the case.

Politicians research their potential voters to determine campaign strategies, coaches and players study their opposition prior to a game, and marketing teams analyze trends and data in so many different ways, it makes algebra seem like a cake walk.

Did you ever wonder why you see certain commercials at certain times of the day, or during certain shows? Are you curious as to why you see an ad for a company on Facebook, but you don’t follow them? Have you ever wondered why you get a particular postcard in your mailbox? How about why a website uses a particular tagline or sentence right on the top in big bold letters?

All of those decisions are made (or at least they should be) based off of research. The absolute greatest mistake a business can make is to try and market themselves without doing some research first.

If you aren’t asking yourself “who is my target audience?” and “where am I most likely to reach them?”, then how can you possibly expect your marketing efforts to work for you? Why would you pay for a radio ad, when your customers don’t listen to the radio? Why would you put an ad in the Sunday paper, if your target audience doesn’t read it?

It is these kinds of mistakes that end of discouraging businesses from continuing to market. They spend a bunch of money on a billboard or a Yellow Pages ad, but don’t see any return on that investment, so they assume marketing “doesn’t work for them.”

Marketing works for everyone, but only if you do it right. That’s why before we launch ANY marketing campaigns, we first get our hands dirty and do the research. We don’t start until we are experts at what YOU do, who YOUR customers are, and what their habits might be.

We don’t just want to run a marketing campaign, we want to run a successful marketing campaign. We view our clients as partners. You should think of us as an extension of your brand, working with one goal in mind: to get you more business. And through that research, we will know just where to find it.