There is no doubt that social media has come to the forefront of not just digital marketing, but marketing in general. In no other medium can you accurately, and in real time, analyze and track your efforts to determine the successes of both individual advertisements and campaigns as a whole.

The only problem is, it requires a lot of effort to do so effectively. With the many social platforms available, finding which of those is most effective for your business can take some digging. And it is well worth the effort. After all, why would you waste your time advertising in places your customers, and more importantly, potential customers, don’t exist?

Don’t get us wrong, there is a TON of value still left in properly placed billboards and tactfully targeted direct mail campaigns. While the ROI is more difficult to track, when done correctly, they can still yield successful results.

However, online advertising now allows to analyze the trends of those who visit websites, use search engines, and of course, engage in social media. According to a recent PEW poll, 87% of American adults use the internet. And of those internet users, nearly 70% used social media.

What does this tell us? That your customers, potential customers, and their grandparents are out there getting served organic and paid advertisements every time they open an app.

The question is, how do you reach them? That’s a question we love to answer, and do so on a daily basis. It requires a lot of research, a good amount of number crunching, and a heavy helping of analysis, but ultimately, those results are attainable.

It is through that analysis that we can help you determine not only what the best platforms are for your business, but also the best strategy to increase engagement and increase your fan base.

We will help you put together a steady plan of engaging, calculated content designed to highlight your business’ strengths, speak to who your brand is, and continue that conversation with your fans and customers.

The greatest benefit you get from having a social media presence is that it allows you to interact directly with your customers and potential customers. You stand to learn a lot from how your customers interact with your social media channels, and from that knowledge, comes information that will ultimately help you better your brand.

Our goal is to help increase your fan base and drive up your engagement on all channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all powerful platforms that need to be utilized if your aim is to stay competitive in your market.

If you would like to increase your social presence, or even if you are just getting started, we can map out a plan specifically to reach your ideal market.