It’s the spookiest time of the year (or the most wonderful, depending on who you ask), and we always love to showcase our awesome team. In the spirit of the season, we put our heads together and picked a Halloween costume that exemplifies each of our team members’ unique personalities, skills, and quirks. Join us as we channel our inner BuzzFeed in this listicle.



Aaron is Bob Ross

Bob Ross

With talent and sheer likeability in equal measure, Aaron’s unshakable cool reminds us of a certain public access TV show host. And just like Bob Ross, he works fast, without any drop in quality. He has to, to keep up with all the design we do!


Brand Strategist

Mad Scientist Ashley

Mad Scientist

Always doing research, Ashley is our source for answers. No matter the industry, she’ll figure out a way to find the info we need to make informed marketing decisions – whether our small minds can comprehend her methods or not!


Creative Director

Austin as Batman


A man of many talents, who is a bit intimidating when you first meet him, Austin is the one we call when we need a problem solved. When we fire up the Bat-Signal (a Slack message), he’ll swoop into a meeting, lay out a plan point-by-point, and disappear again when his work is done.


Content Strategist

Blake as Jim dressed as Dwight

Jim Halpert Dressed as Dwight Schrute

Blake’s sense of humor is marked by an unmistakably dry, sarcastic wit. And much like Jim and Dwight, his friendly rivalry (and good-natured joking) with Catie is legendary.


Business Development

Britana the Unicorn


Britana is fierce and spirited, untameable but also with an energy that can bring life back to the whole room. And she’s a rare creature, only seen by we mortals below when she comes down from upstairs.


Content Strategist

Little Red WRITING Hood

Little Red WRITING Hood

Catie is sweet, innocent, and… well, some might call it “gullible,” but really she just looks for the best in people. It’s a great outlook to have on life, but less great for avoiding wolf attacks. And of course, as a content strategist, she’s always writing. See what we did there? We’re funny.


Content Strategist

Connor as Superman


On the surface, Connor looks like your stereotypical golden-haired, athletic, all-American boy. But he has a secret identity: total nerd, with an interest in D&D and philosophy. The parallels with Superman write themselves.


Senior Designer

Emily as a Mime


Emily is quiet, often slipping into a room before you even know she’s there (and absconding with snacks just as quickly). We went with mime instead of a thief or secret agent, though, because of her creativity. And she uses her powers for good, of course.


Digital Strategist

Nick as a Ghost


Nick is rarely seen and his powers of digital strategy are little understood, but the effects of his presence are always felt, like a sudden cold chill or the sound of rattling chains. Moreover, he loves all things macabre and spooky, and has recently taken up haunting an abandoned office. And he’s dead inside.



Patrick the Surgeon


Patrick is our handyman, fixing anything that needs fixing around the office, from doorknobs to printers (unless it’s one of Todd’s toys). On top of that, whenever a meeting gets bogged down, he cuts through nonsense with the surgical precision of a scalpel. Bonus: he’s married to a nurse!



Sherri Poppins

Mary Poppins

Sherri descends from above – that is, the upstairs offices – to fix all of our problems. With more experience than anyone else here, she can sometimes seem magical.


Account Manager


Stacie helps keep everything afloat and makes sure we don’t drift too far off from the conceptual shore. She would also – at all times – prefer to be on a sunny beach.



Todd as Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka

This one was too easy. Todd has literally put up vintage candy machines all over the office. But seriously: Todd’s eccentricity, love of magic and machines, and serious business acumen is classic Willy Wonka. Which I guess makes the rest of us Oompa Loompas… Hm.


Content Strategist

Tristen as a Construction Worker

Construction Worker

Tristen’s no-nonsense efficiency and frank attitude would fit right in on any work site. She works on a wide variety of projects here, from digital strategy to research to content writing; you never know what she’s going to be building on any given day. Plus, she can often be found cussing at her tools.

The Innovations team is a colorful bunch, with plenty of quirks and even more talent. We’re always proud to show them off, and have a little fun in the process. If you’d like to get to know our work, or our team, better, drop us a line!

Article Written By:

Nick Riley

Digital Strategist/Always Talking About that “One time, in Japan…”