So, as the new year begins, here’s some quick marketing tips from Innovations Branding House to you!

There are two main questions you should ask as the new year begins.

Are you ready?

Here they are:

  1. Have you built a marketing foundation?
  2. What’s next?

These two questions are simple to ask, but not always simple to answer. Let’s dive into what we mean.

Have you built your marketing foundation?

Your marketing foundation includes all the pieces that collectively establish your brand.

Those pieces include things like the following:

-brand slogan
-business cards

Yes, creating these items is marketing. But, the purpose of them is to establish your brand in the mind of your customers or potential customers.

Why is this important? Here’s a few scenarios to consider:

Logo inconsistency

If your logo isn’t the same everywhere, your loyal customers may become confused as to the business they’re buying from. If the variation is vast enough they may actually think you’re a different company altogether.  

Not good!

Poor website design

Did you know that around 65% of all media time is now spent on mobile? That means people are on their phones or tablets searching for products, watching videos and engaging with friends.

What if your site isn’t mobile friendly, but you have the information they’re looking for.

Do you think they’ll go find you on their desktop or go to the next Google search option?

I think you know the answer.

There’s many more scenarios that we could go over, but the key point is that you need to have a marketing foundation for your business before you can begin building your marketing campaigns.

That brings us to the second question you should ask in the new year.

What’s Next?

This is actually the question you should NEVER stop asking. This question will drive your marketing plans for the next month, the next three months, even the next year.

You want to build short and long term marketing goals. Think of it this way, if you’d only built the concrete foundation to your business’s building, you wouldn’t have a business right?

Same with marketing. The foundation establishes your brand, but now it’s time to let people know you’re ready for business.

How do you do that? By creatively answering these questions and building a strategic plan around it.

-How will you drive traffic to your business?

-How will you nurture current customer relationships?

-How will you invite new customers to work with you?

So, as you build your marketing plans for 2017, remember these key points

Marketing never stops.

If you want to continue driving traffic to your business, then you need to continue telling your customers who you are and the benefits you bring to them.

Marketing is different for every business

The business next door has a different target market than you, so he may have different tactics to use than you will. Remember, you want your business to stand out, so get creative!

With creativity comes a little risk

When you try something that’s never been done before, remember there is a little bit of risk involved. But, there could also be exponential reward for trying something new!