First Kentucky Bank Prosper Video 1
Paducah Cigar Company Moments video

Producing a video for your website and/or social media outlets is a great way to reach customers and potential clients in in a compelling way. Visual storytelling has developed into an effective means of spreading your message in this age of heightened viral potential.

It also happens to be our bread and butter.

Our team has been producing videos for every intent and purpose you could conjure for nearly a decade: commercial spots for TV and social media, mini-docs on businesses born and bred in the commonwealth, and introductions and testimonials for nearly all of our clients to prominently display on their “about us” and “who we’ve helped” pages.

Our videographers are passionate about their work, both on the clock, and off. Prior to his impeccable work at Innovations, designer and videographer Aaron King spent several years working as a Producer’s Assistant for The Weather Channel.

Innovations veteran designer and videographer Emily Baker is the mastermind behind the work for Cook Portable Warehouses, and the award winning “Pink Glove Dance” video for Western Baptist Paducah.

Creative Director Austin Madding spends many of his waking hours behind the camera shooting or in editing crafting a variety of spots for clients during the day. Then, when the sun retires, you’ll find him scripting, scouting or shooting his latest film project.

Our talented production team never rests. We are constantly shooting and editing whether it be a commercial, a Facebook video, exploring our great state in our Road Trip Kentucky project, or working on our own how-to / best-practices / marketing-tips video blogs.

It doesn’t matter where the camera might be, we are comfortable both in front of and behind it. Check out some of the work we have done for clients, for charity, for ourselves, and simply just because we love it.