We’ve been designing and developing premium, customized websites since we first set up shop in 2000. If you remember browsing the web in that time, we don’t have to tell you how much things have changed. If you don’t remember the days of yore, well, things have CHANGED.

Our web design team have years of experience in crafting clean, modern designs that literally and visually speak for your business. What you get when you choose Innovations as your web design team is a unique and thoughtful site created with your users in mind, designed to enhance their experience and help you to stand out from the competition.

For the first time in history, mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop browsing, according to a recent StatCounter report. What this means for you, is that while having a readable and navigable mobile-friendly website was already important, now the stakes are even higher, with a majority of web usage occurring from mobile devices.

Not only will our custom websites help you to stand out from your competitors, they are also created with your entire audience in mind. Your desktop site, as well as your mobile friendly site, are created together to ensure the greatest user experience, whether they are searching from their laptops, or browsing from their phones.

One more feature we offer to our clients when doing a website development is a training service that will allow you to make real-time edits and updates to your site. If your business has content, calendars, or other items that you would like to regularly update, we can show you how. Typically, a couple of hours of training can allow even beginners to make basic changes so you easily keep your site up to date, in real time.



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