Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets returned to the menu today (a week early) and I believe it’s safe to say I was the happiest girl in the office. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about or you want to know the story behind these beauties returning to the menu, visit my previous article

Wendy’s first announced that the nuggets would be returning on August 19. However, last Thursday, they decided to be the real MVP and release them a full week early. 

Spicy chicken nuggets fans had one simple demand: access to spicy nuggets whenever we want them. And Wendy’s delivered. Literally. They’re also going to be offering them from DoorDash

Oh, and you can get them in your 4 for $4

Not only did Wendy’s provide multiple ways to get your hands on spicy nuggets, but they also decided to be a bit extra in their Twitter profile. The marketing geniuses running the profile made their header a picture of spicy nuggets with fire around it and changed their profile picture to Wendy’s hair being on fire. While the changes were subtle, it really tied the whole thing together. 


Wendy's Profile Pic

Honestly, I love how much this is being hyped. So does the rest of the Innovations crew. Obviously. Wendy’s really committed to this movement and their follow-through is impeccable.

So, what’s the big deal about it and why do I love it so much? It’s great to see a solid social media strategy.

Social media platforms are constantly changing and each one holds different characteristics in how you talk and interact with others. Wendy’s specifically nailed it for Twitter by talking to the right audience in real-time with a strong personality. Since this entire nugget movement started on Twitter, it was smart for Wendy’s to keep the announcements and hype only on Twitter so it was “exclusive” for their followers on that platform. If you take a look at their Facebook, you’ll only find one post, from today, announcing the spicy nuggets comeback. 

Not only did Wendy’s use Twitter to engage with customers but they are building connections by replying to tweets and basically creating a “virtual” experience. Anyone who has kept up with all of this (like me) has experienced so many things that build credibility for a business such as connections with the audience, humanized content and actual results showing they were listening to things followers had to say.

I’m going to wrap this up because my nuggets are getting cold. Meanwhile, Wendy’s is on fire over at Twitter.

Article Written By:

Tristen Davidson

Content & Research Strategist /Aspires to be Joanna Gaines