The most difficult aspect in marketing is marketing effectively. Let’s be straight: anyone can buy ad space, a radio spot, a commercial, or boost a social media post. And this practice can be effective if you have an infinite budget and you aren’t interested in measuring your success.

However, if you run a business that DOES stick to a budget and only has finite resources at your disposal, making the right steps is crucial to the continued success of your business. Most businesses can’t afford a series of “trial and error” techniques when it comes to promotion. Efforts need to be calculated and measurable in order to gauge whether there is any return on their marketing investments.

We typically help two kinds of businesses. The first, we’ll call business “A” for clarity, doesn’t really do marketing at all. They’ve dabbled with a radio or newspaper ad, they’ve sponsored an event or charity, and hoped for some exposure. They know that marketing is important, but they just don’t have the time to do the research to figure out what marketing avenues make the most sense for their business specifically.

Business “B,” on the other hand, typically has a marketing manager. They are in charge of doing research, exploring which avenues might best gain exposure to the business, running the various social media channels, meeting with media buyers for potential advertising opportunities while continually sending and answering emails, responding to social media inquiries, making phone calls, creating the ads to run on the various platforms they researched before, finally, making those crucial marketing decisions.

The reason we end up partnering with business “A” and “B” is almost always the same. Neither have the time to do all of those things effectively. And who can blame them? Marketing alone is not a one-person job, and marketing effectively requires a team working together, pooling that collective data to determine why Instagram is more important than Twitter for their business; why TV makes more sense than radio for this particular promotion, and why they should buy a billboard in this neighborhood instead of on that highway.

Anyone can market. It takes an experienced team to market effectively.