I challenge you to think about what has inspired you this year. We all have things in 2020 that have worried us, frightened us, deflated us, etc. But, just for a moment, think about what has inspired you. 

Go ahead, I’ll wait. 

No really, don’t skip this part, really think about it.

As Apple so poignantly stated in their COVID-19 inspired commercial, “Creativity Goes On”, no matter what. The arts help us connect, cope and keep moving forward. 

Here’s a little secret: marketing is where the arts meet business. 

And from the challenges of this year have sprung inspiring, beautiful and downright hilarious campaigns. 

The pandemic has forced many creative agencies and teams to rethink how video is created, how content is written and even reset what normal work life looks like (we don’t feature it below, but if you haven’t watched Apple’s sequel to their Apple At Work – The Underdogs commercial, do yourself a favor and enjoy these 7 minutes of laughs, then come back to this article for more inspiration.) 

Finding a Sense of Accomplishment In 2020

Getting out of bed, that was an accomplishment this year for most of us, right? I loved how Amazon gave us all an opportunity to feel accomplished with just a few short seconds. Their 

#YouJustStartedABook campaign is simply brilliant for two reasons: 

  1. It gives the viewer an instant sense of success. They just started a book. They may not have done that for years, but they read one sentence and now they’re a book starter. In a year where we’ve had to quit most things, Amazon gave us something we could begin. 
  2. They didn’t limit themselves to digital or social media ads but they dove into audio and video ads as well.
You Started A Book
You Started A Book
You Started A Book Ad

Dreams Can Still Come True

We’ve worked on campaigns for banking institutions and though we’re proud of the work we’ve done, I have to be honest I’m jealous that I didn’t think up this campaign first. It’s genius! It either reminds you of how far you’ve come or shows you just where you could go by working with this credit union. 

And isn’t that exactly what 2020 has been for many of us? We’ve had time to reflect on how far we’ve come and what we really want out of life as we move forward. This campaign is simple and never explains services but leaves you with a sense of direction: Dream. And when you’re ready, we’re here. 

afcu ad 1
afcu ad 3
afcu ad 2
afcu ad 4

My Personal Favorite COVID Commercial

This commercial almost made me want to switch to AT&T. They were early to hit the ground running as COVID-19 impacts ramped up. They not only created a great video that reflected what families were experiencing right then, but they immediately started giving back to their community. 

While everyone else tried to include everyone in their message, and remind us we’re all together, AT&T kept their focus on students and their families. They couldn’t cure COVID, but they met their community where they were. They weren’t afraid to communicate what was happening and how they were helping. 

Marketing is a beautiful mix of sales, advertising, PR and marketing messages. When blended correctly, it creates a real impact for your company, and in a pandemic, you want to make sure you have the blend just right. 

This year I started a book, dreamed of owning a new home and realized we all have an opportunity to give back to our communities. So, tell us, what inspired you? And, was your marketing an inspiration to someone else? If not, let’s have a conversation about how 2021 can be different for your business and your community. 

Catie Overby

Article Written By:

Catie Overby

Content Strategist/Carries Ranch in Her Purse like Hand Sanitizer