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Innovations Brand Compass

At Innovations, we think of ourselves as more than just a marketing agency. 

Yes, marketing is at the core of what we do, so when you work with us, your business will end up doing a great deal of marketing. 

But we think our process is a little different from any marketing experience you’ve previously undertaken. And that process is best understood if you first understand our purpose

We’re a small agency. 

A small agency which has been building brands in what will soon be our 25th year by establishing and building relationships with business owners who know that we all work our best when we work together.

Our purpose is simple: to help brands become the best versions of themselves. In order to do that, it takes a great deal of communication and understanding, something that can’t be achieved in a brief meeting or over a couple of emails. 

For that reason, we developed a process for our clients to cut straight to the heart of what they need while creating a path for us to get the best and most immediate results.

How Our Process Works, And Why:

Our process begins with partnership. The only way we can truly understand how to help your business is to be immersed in it, as if we are a part of your day-to-day activities. The better we understand you and your goals, the better we can carve out a path to get you where you want to be.


Brand Therapy

Our journey begins with Brand Therapy. Brand Therapy is our immersive, one-on-one experience with your leadership designed to get to the core of your values, your goals, your culture and what you’d like marketing to achieve for your business. It’s called “therapy” for a reason, but it’s well worth the deep dive it requires.


Brand Orientation

From Brand Therapy emerges our Brand Orientation Guide. This part of the process is essentially the blueprints for your brand. It helps to solidify all the ideologies you know in your heart are true, but it puts them into an actionable format.

Brand Orientation is just as much a useful tool for you as it is for us. You can also apply our findings for your own internal uses, such as team-building exercises and new-hire onboarding to better acclimate your newest team members with your brand, which can better integrate them into the culture you’ve worked so hard to build. 


Brand Compass

With the Brand Orientation Guide to dictate the what, we can then look to our Brand Compass to tell us the how. Our Brand Compass is a tool to help direct your brand toward the best strategic marketing path to accomplish the goals you’ve set in front of us. 

We believe the essence of your culture is what defines your brand at the core. Where your brand’s strengths, and more importantly, weaknesses, fall, dictates the “how, when and where” we apply the messaging and tactics to be most effective. The Brand Compass is our marketing guide. Where your brand sits on the map will determine which path takes us north toward growth.

Innovations Process Meeting

How We've Helped

To quote a great tagline, “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.” One of the biggest fears our clients have before contacting us is “But how can you possibly understand our industry?”

And it’s a great question! For us, the answer lies in the three points above. It all begins with a healthy relationship built on communication and honesty. In short, it’s because “you help us understand it.” That’s the hard part of the answer. Learning the nuance and unique aspects of your brand and industry is part of the early-on, heavy-lifting stage of the relationship. 

Quite honestly, it’s our favorite part.

Because we know after that part is when the “magic” happens! That’s when we are free to flex our creative muscles; as we’ve already established with great detail who your brand is, where the strengths lie, where to best target your ideal audience, with what messaging we do that and where to execute it.

You can see some of the brands we’ve helped, and how, by clicking here.

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