What Role Do CMOs Play If They Hire a Marketing Agency

There’s a misconception that if you have a CMO or marketing director, then you don’t need a marketing agency. But, if you’ve been in your position for more than a week, you’ve probably already figured out that’s not true! You are starting to see your limitations and are longing for a supportive team to bounce ideas off of and help you execute your vision.

Hiring a marketing agency doesn’t mean failure.

It’s actually the opposite.

It’s a sign that you are ready to grow.

So, how does your role change? Let’s take a look:

  • Lean heavier into your marketing expertise.

     An agency can act as supplemental talent to help you achieve your marketing goals. Are you killer on social but need help with digital ads or video commercials? An agency can handle any pieces you don’t have the time or talent for.

  • Provide clarity on goals and brand vision.

     Now, unless you’re building a brand from scratch, you probably already have a clear set of goals and understand your brand to its core. If you are building from scratch, your marketing agency is a great asset to help you build these pieces. Either way, it’s important as they create video, social graphics, print pieces, etc., that you are both working off the same script. Their goal is to continue making your company look its best, but that’s only going to happen if you’re both working from the same understanding of the brand.

  • Communicate regularly with your team. 

    Emailing every day may not be efficient, but when you have questions, ask. When goals change, tell them. When you have an internal quarterly meeting, give them an update after so they understand what impact they’re helping you have. You are their information lifeline. So if you don’t respond to emails or you forget to update them on a major company change, it can decrease the effectiveness they’ll have for you in the end.

  • Provide feedback.

    “I like it” or “I don’t like it” isn’t going to be enough. Your marketing agency is learning more about you, your company and your customers from every interaction you have. So, if you’ve learned certain terminology doesn’t resonate with customers, let the team know. If you heard from sales that phone calls or online leads have increased since your campaign launched, tell them. Fuel engagement and creativity. When the agency knows you’re engaged and excited, that excitement carries to the entire team.

You are the CMO. You know your people. Your CEO. Your CFO. Your sales team. And, most importantly, your customers. Bringing on an agency just gives you the tools and the talent needed to see your vision completed. Use your agency as a soundboard and brainstorming partner for new ideas and campaigns. Lean into their expertise and talent, communicate well and see your brand far exceed its goals.

Ready to take a little pressure off your shoulders as you work to make your company look its best? We, Innovations Branding House, have spent more than 2 decades doing just that. We’ve worked with a lot of brands, both with and without marketing directors to help them reach customers, grow their business and look great doing it. We never take work where we don’t think we can make an impact, so give us a call and let’s just chat about how/if we can help.

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