BTC - Bringing Technology Closer

BTC, Ballard County’s trusted telecom provider since the 1950s, embarked on a transformative journey with Innovations Branding House. Recognizing the need for a rebrand, we helped transition BTC from being perceived solely as a telephone company to being seen as a comprehensive technology provider. By introducing the tagline “Bringing Technology Closer,” we emphasized BTC’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and offering internet and TV services alongside their traditional phone offerings.

To convey this modernization and expanded scope, we implemented a vibrant and differentiated branding strategy. We created separate, distinct sections for phone, TV, and internet, each with its own unique visual identity and brand messaging. By breaking away from their previous typecast, BTC emerged as a technological powerhouse and community-oriented organization.
BTC trucks with custom vinyl
Our partnership included a complete website redesign, ensuring a seamless online experience for BTC’s customers. Through these efforts, BTC’s brand identity transformed from a legacy telephone provider to a cutting-edge, community-driven force that not only delivers reliable internet and TV services but also fosters local success. Together, BTC and Innovations Branding House have empowered Ballard County with the connectivity and technological advancements it deserves.
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