Randy’s Body Shop has been providing high-quality collision repair services for Paducah drivers since Randy Wiersma first opened the doors in 1982. As the story goes, Randy was a fast learner, gaining a lot of practice having a penchant for wrecking and repairing his own vehicles. He quickly built a reputation for doing quality work while always keeping the customer’s best interest in mind.

Today, Randy’s Body Shop is owned and operated by Randy’s sons Kyle and Brad, who both share a deep passion for performing the best quality repair work possible. Always striving to improve their business, and seeing the need for continuing education to keep with the pace of the rapidly evolving vehicle technology, Brad and Kyle sought to raise the bar.

After getting certified as an I-Car Gold Class repair facility, the brothers Wiersma began the training process to get certified by car manufacturers to prove their dedication to performing the best quality repairs to get your vehicles as close to pre-collision shape as possible.

Doing so is no easy task, either. In order to obtain those certifications, it requires extensive training and special tools to perform repairs on modern vehicles. With technology such as lane departure detection, auto-braking, and adaptive cruise control, repairing the elements used to make these features work takes a lot of trianing. Technology as advanced as this not only requires the tools and know-how, but also the utmost precision to ensure these new features continue to work properly.

We partnered with Randy’s back in 2016 to begin a website overhaul to showcase the strength of their brand, as well as the amount of work they dedicated to serving our community, both in the shop and out. In the time since, we’ve worked to highlight the work they’ve done and the certifications they’ve obtained through social media outreach, digital ad campaigns and direct mail.

We’re honestly inspired by the dedication of the team at Randy’s being leaders in an industry that sometimes has a negative stigma that follows it. Championing the hard work and dedication the team at Randy’s puts forth to serve our community is a badge of honor the Innovations team is proud to wear as we work to continue to educate the public on why the work they do should be top of mind to anyone who values the integrity of their vehicle’s repair.

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