The traditional approach to marketing can feel confusing to business leaders and inauthentic to the customers you’re trying to reach.

We're Here to Change That.

The Innovations Branding House process is different. We’re on a mission to change the way people do business, creating a niche in the marketing space for a new path. A better path.


Branding is more than a logo, font, or business idea. It’s more than marketing. It’s the way that a business makes its customers feel. It’s the reputation the business carries. It’s the people and values behind the business.

our process

Business Cards • Logo • Website
Signage • Vehicle Graphics
Product Demos • Tradeshow Booths • Founding Story Partnerships • Keynote Speeches
Free Samples • User’s Manual
Customer Reviews
Brand Advocacy


The Customer’s Perception of a Product, Company or Service


Purpose, Mission, Vision & Goals

Brand Compass

Through our process, we use our Brand Compass to help redirect brands toward a better, more solid future, guided by their past, centered around their culture and values, and strategically oriented towards their goals.

Brand Therapy

We spend time personally learning your business through a step we call Brand Therapy, a meeting between our leadership and yours in which we dive into your business head first and invest heavily into understanding the values and culture behind it.

We ask hard questions and methodically unravel the components of your business so we can arrive at the core, the heart. We bring awareness to what you forgot to notice and help you find white space within your sector.

We give you the invaluable opportunity to be a specialist in your field and the only people to do what you do for who you help. We don’t just want to make you happy, we want to see you win.


Brand Orientation

Guided by what we uncover in Brand Therapy, our team of experts puts your business through our process and presents our game-changing findings to you in Brand Orientation. By delving into what makes your company tick and uncovering your unique strengths, we craft authentic and captivating brand messaging and imagery that speaks directly to your audience’s heart.

We’ll also pass our findings off to you, so you can use them to direct your internal culture and onboard and acclimate new hires.

The impact of our Brand Orientation is truly invaluable, setting your brand apart, and generating massive long-term value that will catapult your success.

To learn more about our process, set up a time to chat here with Britana Finke, one of the brilliant minds on our team who helped craft it.

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