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MC Homes by Mitchell Construction

James Mitchell’s lifelong dream was to start his own business. In 2008, he achieved that goal when he started his construction business Mitchell Construction. Ever since, James and his growing team have been dedicated to bringing their clients’ dreams to reality by building custom dream homes and commercial spaces. They promise that each build is personalized at every step in the building process, creating wholly unique builds catered to each customer while staying true to their standard of creating the highest quality builds at the top of their class.

The Challenge

In late 2022, James came to Innovations with a desire to give an identity to their standalone brand focused on the residential side of his business. MC Homes was the brand James created for Mitchell Construction, his parent company, to focus solely on high-end residential builds to market to his growing audience. Over time, it had become interchangeable with the Mitchell Construction name, creating confusion in the marketplace where it wasn’t explicitly clear “who does what.”

The Solution

The Innovations team dug in and began what would be a months-long project creating and establishing the building blocks of a new brand for MC Homes, beginning with the Brand Orientation Guide, a development unique to the Innovations process. This allowed us to develop a thorough Brand Standards Manual, which ensured that others who mentioned the MC Homes brand also amplified their fresh look and vision. It also provided us with a clear starting point for developing the look of the new brand.

Through this partnership, we have been able to capitalize on the ever-evolving progress of the many projects MC Homes is involved with at any given time, including a direct marketing campaign to promote a real estate development the company was breaking ground on, tapping into a new market previously unavailable to them.

With a new brand, a new look, a new direction, and a lot of projects underway, our team implemented a marketing plan aimed at several different audiences through various forms of digital advertising, social media outreach and native content creation to improve inbound results, nurture leads and keep the sales pipeline moving.


The Results

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