MC Homes was born from CEO James Mitchell’s lifelong dream of starting his own business. Since 2008, MC Homes has been dedicated to bringing their clients’ dreams to reality by building custom dream homes that are personalized at each step in the building process. James and the team at MC Homes took off with the goal of building houses that are more than just a place to hang your hat, but homes that help people live the lifestyle they’ve been dreaming of.

We met James and the MC Homes team in 2022, and they brought to us a dream of expanding their presence in the luxury homebuilding market. They needed a clear approach to marketing and branding that felt authentic and cohesive while helping them reach their ideal client. MC Homes grew frustrated not seeing results while working with previous agencies that took a generic, piecemeal approach to marketing efforts. Enter the genius of the Innovations team.

James trusted us with helping him achieve his dream, and we delivered. We dedicated ourselves to learning the MC Homes brand, culture, goals, and vision for their future. We dove head first into the luxury homebuilding market, learning the lingo, the process, and the area. Our team committed hours upon hours of hard work to come up with a strategic, centralized vision for the MC Homes brand, and then we put that vision into action, implementing our playbook of tactics infused with our skills and expertise.

MC Homes serves a very specific audience with an equally specific style, and they needed a brand existence that alluded to that. Our team was able to elevate their brand presence to match the quality of services they offer and the audience they seek to sell to. After crafting their Brand Orientation Guide, we implemented it by building a new website, rebranding their materials, and creating a purpose-driven personalized marketing plan.

One of the primary avenues we sought to showcase the highlights of the MC Homes brand was through video production. We followed the journey from concept-to-key-exchange for a couple of projects the MC Homes team took on over the course of a year to document their process and what truly sets then apart as a premier luxury home builder.

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